Why Pulse?

The past, present, and future of PEMF.

The Pulse PEMF Commitment:

To innovate the world’s finest PEMF products as a respected leader and pioneer in the wellness industry.

To serve and support our customers with the highest level of integrity, excellence, and care.

To creatively, thoroughly, and effectively educate our customers with multi-tier Pulse PEMF training opportunities.

To empower our owners with lifetime customer support, continued education, professional marketing materials and collateral, and our exclusive Pulse PEMF Warranty.

To provide hope to the world through continued promotion, education, and demonstration of superior PEMF technology.

To enhance all life, working diligently to make PEMF technology more accessible.

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About Our Founder

Several major accidents forced Paul Webb out of his active lifestyle and into a state of constant pain. Scar tissue left him with stiffness and limited mobility.
But Paul wasn’t the type to sit around and hope that things would get better. He began a relentless search for answers. He tried everything from consulting wellness experts to new forms of therapy. Still, he was unable to do the things he loved.
Paul knew it was time for something different, and his research finally led him to PEMF. He purchased a rudimentary machine, as the technology had not yet been fully developed and immediately experienced a difference in how he felt.
While the first machine provided him with incredible support, it needed constant repair. Paul made it his mission to bring PEMF to people like himself in a more accessible and reliable way. That quest to make PEMF “perfect” evolved into what is now the industry-leader in PEMF systems: Pulse PEMF.

Experience Industry Leading PEMF Technology As Seen In...

We’re making a meaningful impact in the health and wellness industry with our PEMF technology. Pulse PEMF is all about improving lives, educating, and empowering wellness professionals… and people have taken notice!

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