Careers at Pulse PEMF

If you’re collaborative, passionate, and driven, you may find the career you’re looking for at Pulse PEMF!

Join Our Growing Team

Here at Pulse PEMF, we strive to improve our customers’ lives by enhancing their well-being and serving them with the highest level of integrity. We take pride in our positive corporate culture, and we continuously search for ways to help our employees and businesses achieve success. From championing our employees, to our competitive incentive packages, to providing groundbreaking PEMF technology to people worldwide, Pulse PEMF is truly committed to enhancing all life.

Director of Sales

Planning, reporting, quota setting and management, sales process optimization, sales job design, sales training, sales program implementation, sales compensation design and administration, and recruiting and selection of sales force talent. Collaboration with Production, Warranty, Accounting to ensure all levels of sales are fulfilled. Manages the team of Independent Sales Representatives.

Quality Assurance Specialist

At Pulse PEMF, our mission is to enhance all life. We do this by manufacturing, selling, and supporting the world’s leading PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology for wellness. We are seeking a new team member to serve as checks-and-balance within our production department.
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