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We have a variety of different PEMF machines and devices for commercial and residential use. We offer a variety of human accessories and animal accessories to complement your pulse machine for whole-body and targeted use. Our pulsed electromagnetic field devices are designed to follow a holistic and user-focused approach to wellness. PEMF devices deliver pulsing magnetic fields all the way through the body to support the cells’ ability to do their job better . Browse our PEMF machines and products below to find exactly what you need. Contact us today to request a demo, learn more about financing options, compare models, and more.

Commonly Asked Questions About PEMF Devices

If you’ve never heard about PEMF devices before, we understand you may have some questions about what they can do for you. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Are PEMF Machines New Technology?

No, PEMF equipment has been used for safe, holistic general wellness throughout Europe and other countries for more than 50 years.

Can a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Machine Treat My Illness?

No, Pulse PEMF machines are not intended to treat or diagnose diseases, illnesses or injuries. PEMF is a modality meant to stimulate and exercise the cells for general wellness. If you have health concerns, consult a licensed medical professional. 

Can a Pulse Device Be Used With Other Modalities?

Yes, Pulse machines are safe to use jointly with most other wellness modalities. In fact, many of our Pulse professionals enjoy stacking their Pulse PEMF devices with other biohacking technology.

Shop PEMF Machines for Sale at Pulse Today

Pulse PEMF devices for sale are state-of-the-art luxury devices, unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced. Part of what makes electromagnetic pulse machines  so unique and vital to our bodies is that they can be used by anyone looking to give their body a boost in natural wellness – it’s our mission to enhance every aspect of you life. Pulse machines are a holistic, safe and natural alternative for feeling like your old self again. PEMF products may prove beneficial for:

  • Optimizing Wellness Non-Invasively [1]
  • Assisting With Muscle Fatigue [3]
  • Experiencing More Energy, Naturally [6,7]
  • Enhancing Your Natural Recovery Processes [2]
  • Supporting General Relaxation [4,5]
If you’re looking to buy a PEMF machine and think our products are right for you, reach out to us. We’ll put you in touch with a Pulse professional to find the PEMF products perfect for you to ensure you get the best possible experience.
(To view the citations referenced here, visit info.pulsepemf.com/research)

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