Pulse PEMF

Financing Options

Option 1

Purchase Outright

Our customer service team was built on the belief that you are the foundation of our business. We’re here to make your PEMF purchasing experience seamless and easy. Fill out the form below or call us at (888) 952-7030 and one of our sales representatives will help you make your purchase.

Option 2

Pulse Manufacturer Financing

We want PEMF to be accessible to everyone – wellness enthusiasts, chiropractors, veterinarians, coaches, animal professionals, athletes, pet owners, biohackers, and beyond. Therefore, in addition to our trusted financing partners, we also offer direct financing options to our customers (25% down payment with 12% fixed interest). The professionals at Pulse PEMF are ready to discuss any available finance options – for personal or business purposes. * Pulse Manufacturer Financing is not currently available to customers outside of the United States.

Option 3

Finance Through A Lending Partner

Pulse PEMF has partnered with trusted lenders that can provide you with top-notch value and customer service. To apply, download an application and fax it to one of our lending partners. Our lenders make it easier to bring the positive impacts of PEMF to your home or business.

Reliant Capital

  • 949.274.0806
  • cshea@reliantcapitalgrp.com
  • www.reliantcapitalgrp.com


  • Jennifer Finken
  • 877-770-7244 Ext. 4509
  • 877-776-7244
  • jfinken@ncmic.com
  • www.ncmic.com

NCMIC Financing Inquiry Form

Stearns Bank

  • Ellen Boquist
  • 800-247-1922 Ext. 3199
  • 320-845-4982
  • EllenB@stearnsbank.com
  • www.stearnsbank.com

Stearns Bank Financing Inquiry Form

Centra Funding LLC

  • Kevin J. Anderson
  • 772-559-8193
  • kevin@centrafunding.com
  • www.centrafunding.com

Centra Funding Financing Inquiry Form

Leasing Specialist

  • Kathie Seech
  • 724-857-4750
  • 724-857-4755
  • kathie@leasingspecialistsinc.com
  • www.leasingspecialistsinc.com

Leasing Specialists Financing Inquiry Form

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