PEMF and Red Light Therapy or Infrared Sauna

If you are a wellness enthusiast, you already know that stacking PEMF with different biohacking modalities can enhance results. Red Light Therapy and Infrared Saunas are both popular in the Wellness Community.

But what exactly do each of these modalities do? And how can they be combined with PEMF to maximize their effects? Let’s find out!

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light uses low-level light wavelengths visible to the naked eye. The red (between 620 and 750 nanometers) light wavelengths enter the body’s cells and jump-start the body’s healing process. You may hear it referred to as cold laser therapy since it does not produce heat. Studies differ on how far the wavelengths penetrate the body, but most show a maximum of 5mm penetration.

RLT can support healing of skin conditions like acne or scarring. It appears to positively impact inflammatory conditions like arthritis or psoriasis, too. Some researchers are currently experimenting with how red light therapy works on neurological disorders, trying to determine the efficacy of RLT on Traumatic Brain Injury and strokes.

What is Infrared Therapy?

While Infrared Therapy is similar to Red Light Therapy, they are different! True Infrared light (IR) has longer wavelengths (between 700 nanometers and 1 millimeter) and is usually invisible to the eye.

The body feels infrared as heat, making it an ideal sauna application. Due to the inherent properties of Infrared light, an IR sauna can run at lower temperatures than a traditional sauna but provide the same benefits.

Did you know? The country of Finland has been using saunas for thousands of years. Experts estimate that there are over 2 million saunas in the country. That’s approximately one sauna for every two people!

Using an IR sauna increases circulation due to increased heart rate and widening of the blood vessels. Some users report less discomfort, lower stress, improvement in some skin issues, better breathing, and even a better night’s sleep!
red light

PEMF: The Foundational Biohack

Garden of Wellness Framework

Cultivating wellness requires knowing your body’s climate, finding good seed, and planting in fertile soil. Once you understand your body’s unique genetic climate and understand how it impacts your wellness, good seed is everywhere!

Make sure you employ nutrition, hydration, rest, and exercise in your regimen. Combining those with the host of “good seeds” available to us in relaxing and restorative modalities makes for a great seed bag to pull from!

When it comes to planting in fertile soil, your cells need to be able to freely open and close, to receive the benefits. In addition, the cells need energy to perform their roles in accessing and putting those benefits to use.

PEMF for Fertile Soil

PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field technology cultivates exactly that type of fertile soil we discussed above. PEMF assists in the respiratory process or the “opening and closing” of the cells (Yap). It also introduces raw energy into the cells, empowering them to perform their jobs at full energetic capacity.

This provides an intuitive answer to the question What kinds of modalities does PEMF stack well with? To answer that, just ask yourself the following questions.

Would it be helpful if my cells were freely opening and closing? Is this secondary modality attempting to remove toxins? Or put oxygen or vitamins in? Is there something in this modality I would like for my body to absorb more of?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, stack with PEMF to see what amazing results you can achieve.

Stacking PEMF

In the garden of wellness framework laid out above, PEMF helps ensure fertile soil. That’s why we believe it’s foundational to all other modalities. Whatever biohacks and wellness strategies you love, you will likely find you love it more with Pulse!

From there, good seeds aren’t hard to find! After laying a firm foundation, technologies like red light therapy devices and infrared saunas are excellent seeds to plant.

PEMF + Red Light

PEMF and RLT pair well to cultivate an energized environment in the body, ripe for self-healing, self-regeneration, and self-restoration. Since red light interacts at the cellular level, PEMF is an excellent partner to open and prepare the cells and enhance the overall benefits.

One of our Pulse Professionals shared with us, “In the evening, I do 45 minutes of PEMF, then 360 degrees on a red light tower, followed by 45 minutes of PEMF afterward. I would say that it doubles or triples the benefit of PEMF for me.”

PEMF + Infrared

In the case of infrared, Pulse assists in the cellular respiratory process, opening the cells and making it easier for other modalities to either put beneficial substances in or pull toxins out. For that reason, a whole body Pulsing session followed by 30 minutes of IR sauna eliminates more toxins than using the sauna alone.

Many owners combine PEMF and IR sauna and notice positive benefits, which vary depending on the individual’s unique wellness challenges. Some use PEMF before IR sauna, and others use PEMF afterward. When the body is under increased physical stress, some users combine both modalities multiple times per day at varying session lengths.

Tell us about your experience!

If you have access to PEMF and either Red Light Therapy or Infrared Sauna, you have a wealth of cellular support at your fingertips! Try mixing and matching times of day, length of sessions, and the order in which you use PEMF and the other modalities.

When you find what works best for you, share it with us at!

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