No Protocols for PEMF: Three Compelling Reasons Why

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One of the most common questions we face as educators in the PEMF industry is: Why are there no protocols? Protocols in the health and wellness industry simplify setup and help owners train their staff, but they serve no meaningful purpose for PEMF owners. Let’s talk about why…

No Magic Settings

Pulse Rate and Frequency

Some distributors and students of the technology believe that specific frequencies achieve specific results. Distributors of low intensity devices especially use this approach to align the metrics for efficacy of PEMF with the strengths of their products. For lower intensity systems, this may be true! Power limitations may result in frequency being a more important factor.

This thought may have more validity with low-intensity systems due to their power limitations. However, pulse rates or frequencies are just one part of the benefits of a session.

Dr. William Pawluk clarifies this point in his article, Lies and Myths about PEMF, where he states,

“Almost any frequency will help almost any [challenge], especially frequencies under 100 kHz. There are specific frequencies that have been tested for specific [challenges] and have appeared to produce benefits. Again, however, they are not likely to be exclusive in their benefits.”

So, if different pulse rates interact similarly with the body, why change them? If your PEMF device allows you to set both strength and pulse rate, think of it like this… If PEMF were a treadmill, the pulse rate would correlate to speed. So how fast should you go? (How high should you set the pulse rate?) Set it for optimal comfort.

Strength of the Magnetic Field

Strength, on the other hand, correlates to the incline setting on a treadmill. It boasts a greater impact on results and very intuitive use. There are three basic ranges of strength that the user must define for themselves–comfortably low, comfortably medium, and comfortably strong. No protocols could account for this subjective test!

No Protocols

“Comfortably Low” means barely felt, like a light tapping on the surface of the skin, from a “1” to “3” on the personal tolerance scale. This level serves as gentle exercise for areas of recent injury, a low-intensity cooldown for those experiencing detox, or an introduction to Pulse for those who are incredibly sensitive to new experiences!

“Comfortably Medium” means the Pulse causes increasing degrees of muscle contractions. This lands between a “4” and “6” on the user’s personal tolerance scale. This level benefits areas of concern once the user has seen some improvement in their overall wellness and areas that may be more prone to detoxification such as the torso and head.

“Comfortably Strong” means the user expreriences deep muscle contractions and feels the pulse intensely but not painfully. This tends to lie between a “7” and “8” on the personal tolerance scale. It benefits users who are ready to take their Pulsing experience to the next level and focused pulsing on the extremities where no recent injury exists.

No Size Fits All

People at different stages of their health and wellness journeys have unique needs. Rather than establishing protocols, we teach professionals and personal users to tailor the settings to their unique needs. Customization allows the Pulse Professional to create a curated but fully-repeatable experience for each client. No protocols could serve the end user the way customized pulsing plans do! Imagine two people with the same health concern. They may face the same type of challenges, but they aren’t the same person and certainly don’t share the same body. The first user, Ann, has milder challenges which she can easily control by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Because she remains physically stable, you can implement a more ambitious Pulsing plan. She enjoys a greater tolerance for energy and stimulation. No Protocols The second user, Anne (with an “e”) has more advanced challenges, and her symptoms are more intense than Ann’s. For this exact reason, she also medicates more heavily than Ann. You need to start at a lower pulse rate and strength with the second user. Her body may respond with more sensitivity, and she may experience discomfort or detoxification.

No Protocols

Finally, Pulse is a wellness device manufactured with general wellness goals in mind. Protocols carry an association with medical treatment. This verbiage may give users the wrong impression about the type of device they are using or the type of benefits they will experience.  

To recap, Pulse doesn’t offer protocols for three reasons! There are no magic settings. No size or setting fits all. Finally, there are no protocols for wellness devices like Pulse. If you’re concerned about applying PEMF with no protocols, don’t worry! The Pulse PEMF Certification Program covers a comprehensive list of topics for you to pulse with confidence. In addition, our team of Pulse Success Specialists are here to support you! 

Research Behind PEMF

Dive into the rich history of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology and the incredible studies supporting the wellness benefits of PEMF with our information document, The Science Behind PEMF!

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