“Jolt” Your Wellness Routine by Stacking Modalities

Danielle Kalmbach is the owner and CEO of Jolt PEMF Lab. We interviewed Danielle to find out how she integrated Pulse PEMF with other wellness modalities at her beautiful facility in Scottsdale, AZ.
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What modalities are you stacking with PEMF?

We love stacking modalities! We stack inhaled molecular hydrogen, LED Light therapy, compression therapy, rapid-release technology, therapeutic grade essential oils and aromatherapy, Brain Tap, Nucalm, meditation and breathwork. Instead of offering several types of services, we use the PEMF session as the foundation and build up from there.

What made you decide to offer those specific modalities in your PEMF business?

Jolt is a place to revive your body, mind, and soul. Clients are motivated by results, but also love the gentle, soothing, and peaceful quiet time experienced during Jolt sessions.
We enjoy stacking modalities that naturally address stress, inflammation, and energy. Our add-on modalities work synergistically with PEMF to optimize benefits, restore function, and promote recovery. They were strategically implemented to improve session outcomes.

Can you run these modalities at the same time as the PEMF session, or do you use them before or after the session?

PEMF works synergistically with other therapies to optimize benefits, restore function, and promote recovery. We use all modalities at the same time as the PEMF session to improve session outcomes.
For most people, time is a factor when it comes to their wellness regimen. These modalities are more effective if they are stacked at the same time as their PEMF session. This creates a more relaxing session, increased benefits, and requires less time investment from the client. Being able to stack modalities that expedite that process with no additional time commitment is a huge benefit.

Can you describe a typical stacking session?

Our PEMF stations are set up with a tablet and headphones with preset apps. Clients can choose to listen to Brain Tap, NuCalm, meditation, or breath work during their session. We recommend compression therapy to all our clients. This is a complimentary service that stimulates more blood flow and healthier circulation throughout the body, encouraging faster healing.
Light therapy and inhaled molecular hydrogen are paid add-ons and are done at the same time of their PEMF bed or chair session. We utilize a light panel consisting of 1,400 medical-grade LEDs that emit a unique combination of wavelengths optimized for anti-aging or pain. We use this at the same time as PEMF.
The light therapy helps to relieve pain, increase blood circulation, and deliver a soothing treatment that sets in motion the body’s inherent regenerative process.

What is your favorite modality to stack with PEMF?

My favorite modality to stack during a PEMF session is inhaled molecular hydrogen. Molecular Hydrogen is a unique antioxidant that supports optimal brain function, crosses the blood brain barrier, reduces inflammation, aids in more energy and better sleep.
Inhaled hydrogen delivers a much higher dose than hydrogen water tablets and is inhaled into the lungs diffusing into the bloodstream more quickly.

What percentage of your clients choose to add the modality in addition to their PEMF session?

Every Jolt PEMF session is stacked with another modality of some kind. Approximately 75% of our clients add-on light therapy or inhaled hydrogen (or both) to their sessions.

Do you sell packages of PEMF with other modalities or is the modality only available as an add on?

We offer both. Our clients have the option to purchase separate add-on packages for light therapy or inhaled hydrogen. These add-ons may also be purchased as a single session which is a great opportunity for them to try the modality before purchasing an add-on package. Our other modalities are complimentary services we provide as part of their PEMF experience.

Do you find that customers get confused because PEMF benefits are very similar in verbiage as other modalities? Do they ask questions about why one is better than the other or why they need multiple modalities?

We love educating our clients on PEMF benefits and how it improves the benefits of other modalities, especially when done at the same time. Each of our add-on modalities has unique ways of action and how it provides health benefits. Health conditions almost always have multiple components as a cause or as part of their development.
Any of our add-on modalities will provide benefit to a certain point by addressing specific actions particular to that modality. Using multiple modalities provides the most likely, more complete benefit.

Are you considering adding any other modalities to Jolt PEMF in the future?

Occasionally we work with an acupuncturist who comes in and does acupuncture at the same time as we are administering PEMF. We have had excellent benefits from this combination and plan to incorporate this into our regular add-on services in the future.

To find out more about Jolt PEMF, you can read about them in our recent blog post, visit their website, or follow them on social media!

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