Making Pulse PEMF The Perfect Complement to the Animal Wellness Lifestyle

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For our animals to achieve an optimal life, we must plan with intentional follow-through. After all, animal wellness is the direct result of a strategic, healthy lifestyle. Our PEMF machines for animals are a proven and proactive measure we can take to benefit our animals in maintaining wellness or overcoming challenges. Whether recovering from a show[3], supporting relaxation[4,5], or optimizing cellular energy & function[6,7], Pulse PEMF has become a notable and complementary modality[11] for animal wellness.

Keeping It Simple For Animal Wellness

PEMF sessions don’t have to be complicated to achieve great results. If the goal is maintaining a measures of wellness for your animal, a simple, whole-body session may be all that is necessary. For larger animals, Pulse’s recommended ten positions with focus work on the limbs provide an excellent routine for maintenance and optimizing animal wellness non-invasively[1]. For smaller animals, utilizing the Pulse Pet Pad or the large Animal Loops can supply a thorough coverage of PEMF energy. Remember: when maintenance is the goal, the whole-body approach to PEMF is always best!

Achieving Animal Wellness in High-Stress Areas


Whether it’s Agility, Eventing, or a Conformation Show, competition animals continuously train to remain in peak performance. Unfortunately, animals that compete in various events often face more bodily stress than domesticated pets or livestock. The best method to support animal athletes is a whole-body approach with an additional focus on the regions of the body that endure the most stress.

For example, Agility events are an incredible display of canine athleticisim. However, the physical demands of Agility events are often stressful on a dog’s joints, ligaments, and tendons. This requires an intuitive method of pulsing those regions with appropriately applied animal loops. Similarly, other competitive events for animals can make a serious demand on other specific regions of their bodies. To provide the best PEMF experience, consider the movements, training, and patterns of an athletic animal client before their pulsing session.

Additional examples of strategic pulsing for competitive animals are:

  • In Dressage Horses, focus on areas such as the hindquarters, the lower back, hocks and stifles, and the neck.
  • In Dock Diving Dogs, focus on areas such as the hindquarters, the neck, and the extremities.
  • In Conformation Animals, we recommend focusing on the shoulders, topline, hindquarters, and extremities. This general pulsing can also provide a relaxing session to help with stress from shows.


Trace the Pathway for Animal Wellness


Pulse PEMF has developed a process called “Pulsing the Pathway” that incorporates the holistic, interconnected nature of the body and extremities. The more we understand the anatomy of our animal clients, the better our session results can become. For example, if you are pulsing a horse’s left hind limb to assist with discomfort after exercise[3], it is necessary to also pulse the right front limb since horses compensate on the diagonals of their body. When we trace the pathways of the body, we are able to provide better PEMF coverage that supports overall wellness.

Rather than waiting for a challenge to overcome, Pulse PEMF sessions can serve as a vital part of a regular wellness routine. Similar to other disciplines that strengthen and support the functions of the whole body, PEMF is a modality that easily fits in to a maintenance program for pet wellness or athletic competitors.

Take the time to familiarize yourself and your veterinarian with the benefits of Pulse PEMF to see how you can incorporate strategic pulsing sessions for your animal’s wellness. To make the process simple and fast, we have created a Locator Map to connect you with local certified Pulse Professionals. Each of our Pulse Professionals function as a mobile animal wellness center – ready to assist with your goals!

[1,3,4,5,6,7,11] To locate the citations referenced here, visit

Pulse Pricing Guide

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