Celebrate 17 years with us

Founders Anniversary Event 2023

Celebrate 17 years with us

Founders Anniversary Event 2023


Elevate your Pulsing sessions with the power and versatility of the dynamic Pulse X1. This robust mid-sized PEMF machine provides more pulsing opportunities with dual-accessory capabilities for a next-level PEMF experience.

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Unique Features of the Pulse X1

The Pulse X1 PEMF machine is adaptable and simple to operate, mounted on castor wheels for user-friendly access and easy room-to-room transport. Our second-tier device for humans can withstand the demands of a clinical environment, handcrafted from proven aircraft-quality aluminum.

Compare the Pulse X1 to Other Pulse PEMF Machines

Pulse PEMF offers multiple PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) generators to meet diverse needs across the wellness spectrum. As a comprehensive innovator of PEMF, we design, manufacture, sell, support, and service our products directly. This comparison document provides in-depth information on each of our Pulse PEMF machines, enabling you to make an educated decision on which is best suited for your needs.

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