What Size of Loop is Best? Finding the Right Fit with Pulse’s Animal Loops

Pulse Equine offers a comprehensive array of loops that allow you to work on animals of all sizes. But what size of loops are must-haves for your personal or professional needs?

Small Loops

Our Small Loops measure 6 inches in diameter and pack the most power of any Pulse Equine accessory. Despite their strength, they are still suitable for use on small clients such as birds, reptiles, rodents, and more.

However, Pulse Professionals most commonly use this loop size to pulse extremities and smaller target areas on large animals. Of course, some large horse breeds and larger exotic animals may be so big that the Medium Loops are a better choice for focused pulsing.

Medium Loops

At 10 inches in diameter, the Medium Loops are incredibly versatile. They fit well for pulsing large animals’ limbs, head, or midsized focal regions. The Medium Loops are also ideal for pulsing medium and large dogs in sections. While slightly stronger than the Large Loops, the Medium Loops are not quite as powerful as the Small Loops.

Large Loops

Our expansive line of large loops can be used on animals of all shapes and sizes. Even the XXL Loops can be configured to fit most equine, livestock, and larger exotics bodies. The Large Loops measure 18 inches and work well for pulsing the topline of most large ponies and small horses. The XL Loops measure 28 inches. Finally, the largest loops in the PEMF industry, our XXL Loops measure 38 inches.

The three largest loop sizes do not bear specific height and weight recommendations for use. In fact, shorter horses, especially those that are heavier boned, still benefit greatly from the additional length of the larger sizes. The XL Loops make the traditional topline session more fluid, from point to point. The XXL Loops allow for more creativity and cover a lot of ground, allowing for a more diverse session.

What Size is the Right Size?

Of course, the “right” size of loop is the one that you as the Pulse Professional prefer, the one that achieves best surface contact and makes the animal feel comfortable and secure. It can be helpful to maintain a variety of sizes, especially if you pulse a diverse range of animals or sizes.

In addition to connecting the larger regions of an animal’s body, some machines will allow you to use two at once for further session customization. The EQ-XX allows for the use of 2 accessories at least 6 inches apart, and the EQ-X1 allows for the use of 2 accessories at any distance, including overlapping! A multi-loop approach on the topline allows for a more cohesive approach that truly makes the most of your session time.

No matter what your goals are or what size your furry, feathery, scaly, or leathery your clients are, we can help you find the perfect loops. If you have questions about choosing the right size, reach out today!

Pulse Pricing Guide

Do you know which machine and accessories are right for you and your animals? Download our free Pricing Guide to get details, specs, and comparison charts to help you pick the perfect Pulse PEMF system for your goals and budget.

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