We Love Pulse PEMF: Running An Animal Wellness Business

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Many animals benefit from PEMF Professionals who focus their business on them and their wellness. Let’s look at some professionals that focus on animals and see how their love of Pulse turned into thriving wellness businesses. Their business ideas may help you continue to grow your own PEMF business, or kickstart a new PEMF career!

About Our Professionals

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Kirstie Wachholtz is a wellness professional in Northern Wyoming who focuses on different modalities for livestock and horses. She is the owner of 4UP Equine Services, LLC. Her husband is a phenomenal farrier, and together, they focus on the wellness and rehabilitation of their clients.

4UP has an excellent lineup of services to offer clients aside from PEMF as well. An early introduction to PEMF catapulted her career in animal wellness.

Pulse PEMF Sally Keynes

Sally Keynes is a Pulse Professional in the land Down Under––Queensland, Australia. Sally is the owner of Shine Pulse Therapy and focuses on utilizing PEMF for her equine clients, but she will also work with people and small animals.

Sally was one of the first customers to offer PEMF in her area and has built a fantastic business and clientele. She now has employees to run some of her appointments, especially since she has a new family member coming!

How Did You Get Introduced to PEMF?

Kirstie: I had exposure to PEMF before. I worked in the equine world with Cutting horses and Colt Starting, and throughout those experiences, I have seen PEMF in different forms. Being able to work with various machines helped me to start doing more research into PEMF, its benefits, and how I can work with this technology.

Sally: Around five years ago, a mare I owned sustained an injury that hadn’t improved even after about five months of the suggested treatment. A gentleman was recommended to me that had a PEMF machine and he suggested I try it. After 3-4 weeks, I had a brand new horse, and I immediately started researching this modality for myself and my horses. This sparked my interest in providing it for others.

Why Did You Open An Animal Wellness Business?

Kirstie: To be honest, I wanted out of the house, but wanting to help animals through rehabilitation and prevention has always been a passion of mine. Having my own business and using the knowledge I have to do so is a dream. My husband is a farrier and highly knowledgeable regarding therapeutic farrier work, which makes us a dream team.

Sally: The gentleman who introduced me to PEMF was about 4 hours away from me, so it was not the most practical to keep going to him for sessions. It was also difficult for him to come to me on a weekly basis.

PEMF was not well known here in Australia, but I took the risk. I was amazed at what PEMF did for my horse, and I wanted to share that with my community. So, I saved up from my full-time job to get my machine. Once I purchased it, I got to work with promoting and obtaining clients.

Why Did You Choose Pulse PEMF?

Kirstie: I am sensitive to PEMF. One of the main reasons I went with Pulse PEMF is that, of all the machines I tried, it was the most customizable and comfortable for me.

Other bonuses were the quality of the machines and the training and resources. Pulse was soothing and comfortable and yet still made a difference. Currently, I use my EQ-X1, and I also offer to rent out my EQ-X machine.

Sally: The machine used on my mare was a Pulse machine, so it was my first introduction. However, I did my research with different companies. A major plus for me was that Pulse PEMF had a Sales Representative that was readily available to me. This helped with communication whenever I had questions. I currently have two EQ-X machines for my business.

What impact has PEMF had in your life and your client's lives?

Kirstie: The technology speaks for itself. I have applied my current knowledge and what I’ve learned to create a remarkable client base. PEMF is the core of my business, and I base the use of other modalities upon what results I get from PEMF.

I have made incredible improvements to my life and the life of my clients by understanding that more education goes into this. In doing so, I have increased my confidence in the quality of my sessions. This can lead to a loyal customer base which is a mutually beneficial relationship—having clients grows my business, which provides for my life.

Since my business supplements my life, I can do more to assist my clients. PEMF has been an amazing tool, and I cannot wait to see how it evolves.

Sally:  The total freedom of being my own boss has made a major impact on my life. My work-life balance is great, and I have employees that work with me to grow my business. My business took off incredibly.

Within three months of doing sessions and building my clientele, I could leave my full-time job and support my family from my business. I was one of the first people in my area with a Pulse machine offering PEMF sessions, and I service a range of 400-500 km (250-300 miles).

PEMF has been amazing for my animal clients as well. I have seen impressive improvements in their overall wellness and have been a part of some great recovery stories with the horses I have been able to assist.

Are there any other products or services you offer for animals aside from PEMF?

Kirstie: In addition to PEMF, I offer Rapid Release Therapy, Sports Equine Massage, and Red Light Therapy. My husband handles the Therapeutic Farrier work, and soon I will be adding Biofeedback for people.
Sally: I do not offer any additional services. However, I work closely with some equine chiropractors and sports massage therapists, which has been a great way of networking with my animal clients!

Starting your own Animal Wellness Business

Whether you have dogs, cattle, cats, or even chickens, PEMF may be a great addition to their wellness regimen. There are many benefits for animals at the cellular level, and we have accessories designed to deliver a comfortable pulse and provide energy for any animal.

If you’re interested in opening your own animal wellness business, check out our Pulse PEMF machines, which come with training and support to help you and your animals live a healthier lifestyle, and even start your own career in Animal PEMF!

If you have any questions about our products or PEMF, please call our office at 770-334-2226 or email us at info@pulsepemf.com.

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