Session Timing: How Often Should I Use PEMF on My Animal?

The timing of PEMF is a vital piece of the animal wellness puzzle. In fact, “How often should I pulse my animals?” is one of the most common questions our Animal Product Success Specialists hear. Since every animal has unique needs, this question has more than one answer. The timing of pulsing sessions depends on the animal’s overall health, disposition, and availability.

Much like getting a massage or going to a chiropractor, the benefits are cumulative, but they do not last forever. PEMF is a maintenance tool best used in regular intervals for optimal results. However, there are different timing plans and strategies to implement depending on the state of the animal.

Maintenance Animals

The term “maintenance” describes an animal that isn’t currently battling any physical issues or large amounts of stress. PEMF sessions for maintenance animals are to promote overall wellness[1] and support their musculature between sporting events.[3] When maintenance is the goal, animals may only need one session a week (or every other week) to aid their fundamental wellness regimen. Pulse recommends starting a maintenance animal with three PEMF sessions during the first two weeks, then set further consistent appointments as needed.

Animals Experiencing Acute Wellness Challenges

Animals recovering from an acute wellness challenge or dealing with large amounts of physical or mental stress may require more frequent sessions to experience wellness benefits. However, when there is an injury, a veterinarian must evaluate the injury and approve the use of PEMF. Once this occurs, the Pulse Professionals can work hand-in-hand with the overseeing vet for a PEMF schedule that complements the animal’s wellness regimen.

While Pulse PEMF does not treat, cure, or diagnose acute issues, cells in the damaged area can benefit from more support while the rest of the body compensates for an injury. PEMF generates natural cellular energy[6,7] that can aid in the recovery process, although this process will be different for every animal. A standard recommendation for animals with acute challenges is to begin the first few weeks with three sessions per week. Starting a PEMF plan with frequent sessions allows the cells to stay replenished with new energy. The frequency of sessions can then gradually decrease until the animal is back in the maintenance category.

Animals Experiencing Long-Term Wellness Challenges

Animals experiencing long-term wellness challenges have been under stress for an extended period. As with acute challenges, more frequent sessions in the beginning may be ideal to bolster the body’s energy levels and set a strong foundation. The Pulse Professional can adjust the timing of sessions depending on how the animal responds to the initial series.

The cadence of moving an animal from multiple sessions a week to a maintenance schedule will differ depending on the wellness of the animal. Consistent communication with the animal’s professional wellness team makes this process seamless. Even if the animal has a long-standing challenge, it is still essential to consult the veterinarian before adding PEMF to their wellness regimen.

Pulse Results Takes Time

In the case of PEMF, no “one size fits all” approach exists. PEMF is a trusted wellness modality, and it takes time to see the benefits. Pulse PEMF Product Success Specialists are here to help you get the best results from our devices; but remember: time is always a factor!

[1,3,6,7]To locate the citations referenced here, visit

Why PEMF for Animals?

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