The Cube: Pulse PEMF’s Accessory for total Saturation

Introducing: the newest addition to the Pulse PEMF Human Accessory line-up. The Cube! 

The Cube’s innovative design provides one square foot of powerful, deep Pulse saturation for numerous uses. From corner to corner, the Cube projects a deep, pulsing magnetic field for a truly unique experience. Conveniently compact yet stunningly effective, the Cube unveils a new horizon for Pulse systems. 


So how does the Cube compare with other Pulse accessories for humans?

Our popular Square Pad provides crosshair stitching for precise pulsing to “hit the spot” while targeting larger, specific areas. The Cube offers an alternative way to isolate areas of the body with intensity, specializing in a 12” x 12” area of thorough PEMF  saturation. 

While the Square Pad yields the benefits of concentrated pulsing in a broader area, the Cube is a focus accessory without a focal point – just pure Pulse PEMF power from edge to edge.


The Dual Paddles and Rings were carefully designed by Pulse to offer a groundbreaking innovation to the PEMF industry, never experienced before: the push-pull effect. The Paddles and Rings are Pulse originals, allowing users to “sandwich” joints, extremities, and other body regions to target specific spots efficiently. The Cube’s deep field produces PEMF immersion without a “bullseye”- creating new and immersive possibilities for pulsing the head, torso, feet, hands, and back.

With the Cube, there’s no need to double-stack accessories to reach deep regions of the body. The Cube pushes more energy into a square foot area than any other Pulse accessory. 

Whether using the Cube as a pulsing pillow while you sleep or to pulse your legs in energy after an intense   workout, it may become your new favorite accessory.

Pulse Pricing Guide

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