Should I Get PEMF if I Can’t Get Solid State PEMF?

Pulse PEMF - The PULSE X1

For many Pulse users, their first experience comes on our flagship solid state model, the Pulse XL Pro. Its sleek interface, dependable casing, dual accessory capability, and independent control of Strength and Pulse Rate provides a wide range of options to customize their session. However, for those that need a more portable, straightforward solution for home or on-the-go use, Pulse offers several spark gap PEMF options.

Pulse PEMF - Pulse XL PRO
While these more compact systems do not offer the same experience or options as a solid state PEMF device, they still offer astounding benefits. If a solid state system isn’t right for your budget or lifestyle, consider how a spark gap machine could support your long term wellness goals.

How Spark Gap Technology Works

The mechanical machines use traditional pulsed electromagnetic field technology, the spark gap. These spark gap systems are so named because of how the Pulse is created inside the machine. The more the MFS setting is increased, the greater the power. When the user increases the Strength, the “spark” has to jump through a wider gap. That long jump causes a power increase and creates a stronger magnetic field.

One-Dial Control for Spark Gap PEMF

Pulse PEMF - Pulse X1 and Pulse X

The first thing spark gap system users tend to notice is that there is only one dial to control the machine. Solid state technology allows you to adjust the Pulse Rate separately from the Strength.

However, a mechanical system will automatically decrease the Pulse Rate as you increase the strength, and vice versa. For this reason, when using a spark gap PEMF system, you will always have either a fast Pulse Rate at a low Strength or a slow Pulse Rate at a high Strength. Fortunately, this difference doesn’t mean that mechanical machines are less effective.

But What About Pulse Rates?

One misconception about PEMF is that health conditions have corresponding Pulse Rates. Although the Pulse Rate plays a role in comfort, sensitivity, and the effects of the session, there are no “magic numbers” to address health concerns. In reality, each individual will find multiple Pulse Rates comfortable during their session and beneficial to their wellness journey.

The good news is that spark gap systems still provide enough flexibility to create comfortable Pulsing experiences. When adjusting the Strength dial, focus on achieving the highest comfortable level of tolerance. This approach pours in as much energy as the body can handle and effectively distribute at the cellular level.

Sharper Delivery of Mechanical PEMF

The Pulses of a spark gap system also feel different from solid state engineering. To put it simply, solid state technologies applies a staged delivery that creates a smoother experience. By contrast, spark gap PEMF systems release the Pulse all at once, creating a “sharp” and sudden delivery of the Pulse.

This difference may be subtle when Pulsing the extremities or drastic when pulsing the head or soft tissue or sensitive users. While most users prefer the smooth experience of the solid state, some users acquire a preference for the more vigorous spark gap experience.

A Common Thread: Innovative Accessories

Pulse PEMF - Human Accessories

Mechanical system owners and solid state owners typically experience similar benefits because of Pulse’s unique accessory line. Pulse’s accessories for humans and animals are designed with anatomy in mind. Whether Whole Body Pulsing or using a Focus Accessory to target a hotspot, the delivery mechanisms are handcrafted to create maximum contact with the magnetic field.

Pulse PEMF - Animal Accessories

So, Should I Still Get It?

The answer is a resounding yes! All PEMF is good PEMF that can help you enhance the body’s natural recovery process. We would love to help you find the right PEMF machine for your lifestyle and needs.

Pulse Pricing Guide

Do you know which machine and accessories are right for you? Download our free Pricing Guide to get details, specs, and comparison charts to help you pick the perfect Pulse PEMF system for your goals and budget.

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