Utilizing Social Media To Showcase Your PEMF Business

Pulse PEMF Using Social Media to Showcase Your Business
One way to expand your reach as a business at a low cost is to have a presence in social media. With so many popular social media platforms available, you may wonder which you should focus on. Once you decide, figuring out how to reach the largest user base possible is the next challenge. In this post, we will evaluate the best strategies to help you jumpstart your social media profiles.

What is Social Media?

Social Media platforms are social networking sites or apps that allow users to create and share information, content, and ideas. These interactions can be personal or business related, but user generated content is the key similarity. This content may include text, photo or video sharing, or simple short form videos like TikTok.
Using social media effectively is not difficult, but it can feel redundant. It also takes time to find and nurture your audience. This is one reason many influencers and business owners hire a Social Media Manager to monitor and manage their accounts. If you do not plan to have a Social Media Manager, then there are some things to consider before starting up.

Which Social Media Platform is Right for my PEMF Business?

Finding the social media platforms that matter most to your business is Step 1. With so many options, it’s important to pick one or two platforms you will focus on.

Where is Your Audience? The first crucial question is which platform does your audience prefer? Answering this question requires you to know who your target audience is. To establish this, consider the following examples.
  • Are you targeting a younger or older audience?
  • Are you targeting mostly people who already live a healthier lifestyle?
  • Are you looking to market to those who need assistance with recovery?
  • Are you looking to work with the average pet owner?
  • Are you targeting competitive sports players?
Comparing your answers to the demographics for each social media platform will usually help you choose the right ones. However, you may also learn after launching profiles on a few platforms that your niche audience deviates from the norm.

For example, you may have thought your target age demographic would be most active on Instagram. Instead, it may turn out that certain groups or features on Facebook appeal directly to your audience. You might not realize this until you actively run both platforms for a few months. This is why experimentation and monitoring engagement are important to your success on social media!

Where Can You Add Value?

Luckily for PEMF Professionals, a Pulse session in-action is a unique visual that draws a crowd all on its own. This novelty factor often sparks questions about what PEMF is and where they can go to try it. It also makes it easier for PEMF businesses to thrive on visual platforms that focus on photos and short videos. Owners who delve into the science and can create bite-sized explanations may see success on text-based platforms, like Twitter.
Where you can add value is also a question of what kind of content you enjoy creating. As we’ll discuss in the next section, social media platforms operate on algorithms that reward consistent posting. For that reason, your audience may spend hours daily on TikTok. But, because of the algorithm, you will only reach a handful of them by posting once a week.
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All About Algorithms

If you’re new to using social media for your business, you may still be under a few misconceptions. For example, you might think that when someone selects to “Follow” your business, they will start to see your posts. However, on most platforms, who sees your posts is determined by what you post, how you post, and when you post.

What You Post

First, it’s important to acknowledge that your social media platforms are not recurring digital billboards. If your posts only remind your prospects and customers to book a session, you’re not adding value. Most platforms will notice this and choose to show followers less of your posts.
Social media marketing is about giving. Establish yourself as an expert. Give your followers golden nuggets of knowledge, high quality photos, and posts they can engage with. Then, post session photos and review videos from your happy customers to remind them about how PEMF could help them.
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For every post where you ask for bookings, make 3 or more posts where you give something in return. Here are a few ideas for content that “gives” your followers something:
  • Educate your followers on PEMF, wellness in general, or specific topics in your expertise
  • Introduce yourself and sharing valuable experiences
  • Showcase a tour of your facility or a “day in the life” of you as a Pulse Professional
  • Comment on advancements and discoveries in your industry
  • Tell followers which shows and events you’ll be attending in the near future
  • Share helpful quotes, especially about wellness or your areas of expertise

How You Post

Engage with any tags or hashtags, new features, and other trends occurring on your platforms of choice. Tags and hashtags assist platforms in organizing posts by topic. By adding relevant tags to your posts, you can market directly to users in your target audience.
When you notice a new feature on a platform you use, a golden opportunity lies therein. Platforms prioritize and promote users taking advantage of their new features. For example, when Instagram first launched its LIVE video feature, going LIVE sent a push notification to every single follower. Be flexible, and try new features as soon as they’re released.

When You Post

Consistency is crucial to the success of your page on any social media site, especially for a small business owner. Most social platforms recommend posting once or twice every day, including over the weekend. Although that may seem like a lot, you can always repurpose content with new visuals or based on new trends.

Each social media platform also has its own traffic patterns that influence the best time to post. Type “Best time to post on [platform]” in any search engine to find the right timeframe for your platform of choice. Then, be as consistent as possible in posting during that timeframe. Redo this search every few weeks to stay on top of any shifts in the data.

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Relationships Beat Algorithms!

According to digital marketing expert George Bryant, relationships beat algorithms. In setting up your social media profiles, don’t lose the personal touch that makes your business unique. Provide personable, quick, engaged customer service.
Respond to comments and instant messaging apps as quickly and accurately as possible. After you’ve handled a few incoming chat messages, Facebook Messenger has a feature that tells prospects how quickly you respond. Some prospects may decide whether or not to contact you based solely on that number.

Online Professionalism

While it may seem simpler to use an existing profile, it’s best to start fresh with a new business profile. Keep your business account separate from any personal accounts to maintain online professionalism. This tactic will also protect your ability to share personal updates and opinions with personal friends only.

On your business profile, limit your content to business related posts and topics in your area of expertise. Use a professional headshot rather than selfie, to impress your professionalism on prospects. Finally, remember to remain calm, polite, and professional at all times while interacting as your business.

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Imagine what Pulse PEMF can do for you! Our team of passionate professionals is ready to help you begin your PEMF success story today.


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