Simple Startup Plan: 7 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Business

During the pandemic, communities have banded together to empower small businesses. Many individuals have been able to build side hustles or full-time jobs to support themselves and their families.

Traditionally, the animal industries are not easy to break into. The startup cost alone can be astronomical. Riding and training are highly competitive and expensive circuits that are increasingly difficult to excel in. For those who aren’t born into a family or region with learning opportunities, the education and experience can be difficult or intimidating as well.

Simple Startup Plan

If you are considering utilizing PEMF in an existing business or starting a whole new venture, consider this simple startup plan to evaluate your business potential and the strongest way to start.

Know Your Market

Before you create a business plan, explore your market and get to know your future clients. What disciplines are prevalent in your region? Are there other professionals you could partner with? What are the local shows or events you could attend? What about opportunities in other species that you can take advantage of? Discovering your prospective market will help you formulate a simple startup plan for meeting their needs.

Create a Business Plan

Starting a business is exciting! Most of the time, you want to hit the ground running. However, to be successful and start strong, you need to have a plan to execute. The simple startup plan tips in this blog will provide a good foundation, but your business plan should be a map for your business.

This plan should answer all the crucial questions from “How will prospects find your business?” to “What’s going to keep them coming back?” It must also include legal practices such as waivers, contracts, and insurance, to ensure that your business is prepared for both success and setbacks.

Take Finances Into Account

Recognize your own financial stability and set realistic expectations for your first year of business. It is not feasible for many to quit their day job and jump right into a startup. So, don’t feel pressured to do that!

Leave room in your budget for taxes, unexpected business expenses, and overall startup costs. Save up a few months worth of expenses and a steady stream of prospective clients before taking the leap to full-time self-employment. For best results, hire an accountant to help you navigate.

Luckily, Pulse Equine offers financing options to put industry-leading PEMF technology within reach at an affordable monthly payment.


Advertise and Network

Your potential clients are everywhere, and networking and word-of-mouth marketing are the easiest and most affordable ways to find them. Get more involved with your local animal communities, and connect with other wellness professionals and veterinarians. On top of networking, get on social media, create flyers, and attend events to get word out about your business.

Set your Price

Price your services competitively depending on your cost of doing business, the species you will support, your region, and other PEMF Professionals near you. We encourage Pulse Professionals to strive for a rate of $100 per equine session, although markets will vary. Setting your price and watching your customer trends will allow you to project your business’ gross profit.

Time Management

Running a business means you set your own schedule. While the premise sounds alluring, it often includes nights, weekends, and holidays! Many underestimate what it means to start your own business, whether it is a part-time gig or a full-time venture.

As a result of our own excitement and emotional investment, the lines between “work life” and real life are often blurred. So, start off slow! It’s harder to reclaim time for rest, family, and self-care than it is to allocate that time from the start.

Love What You Do

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

Turning your passion into work is the epitome of a dream career. And it’s important, especially if you are starting your own business, to ensure that the work itself is something you enjoy. Even if you love working with animals, burnout, administrative work, and long hours can be taxing.

Remember that your business doesn’t have to be in a standard format! Some PEMF Professionals don’t run a full capacity business. They may only work evenings or only operate at shows to balance out their class fees. There is no cookie cutter for your business, so mold it to fit your life and goals.

Launching a startup in animal industries takes forethought and planning, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. This simple startup plan should help you kickstart your business with Pulse PEMF, a fantastic gateway into a wonderful industry that we all love so much.

PEMF Professionals

Imagine what Pulse PEMF can do for you! Our team of passionate professionals is ready to help you begin your PEMF success story today.


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