Show Cattle and PEMF

Here at Pulse PEMF Equine, we love hearing personal stories about how PEMF has benefited equine around the world, the good news doesn’t stop there. Did you know that PEMF can also be used on performance livestock and food production animals?

Our line of Equine PEMF machines are perfect for the barn or field due to their high-impact Pelican cases, but our wide range of accessories broadens the potential of PEMF power to support many different furry friends.

Getting Started

For large animals such as cattle, donkeys, llamas, horses and etc. we recommend our full set of animal loops. These easily cover the amount of furry “real estate” that our livestock friends have while giving plenty of options for strategic, focused PEMF. The large, XL, and XXL butterfly loops cover each side of the animal equally. The medium and small loops can be used for feet, joints, and focus work.

Cattle are bred for size. Because of this, the weight on their hips adds strain to the structures in that area, all the way down to the legs and tendons. Pulse Equine PEMF may provide natural support for healthy joint & cartilage function.[9,10]

A recent study showed that PEMF has the potential to improve calcium and collagen production for those tendons and joints that are taking on more natural force.[13] The relaxation and assistance with muscle fatigue PEMF provides in these areas[3,4,5] may help cattle to relax as they stride out and stand with proper posture instead of camping out in the hind end trying to get comfortable.

Is PEMF Right for My Cattle?

When animals are uncomfortable, they let us know by their posture and movement, which is not something that goes over well in the ring. Even without showing aspects in the equation, we all want our animals to be happy and healthy!

During a PEMF session, cattle will often show the same signs of relief and relaxation as horses! You will see them stretch, lick and chew, and visibly relax in their body and face. Muscle contractions will often be visible as well. When we Pulse, we look for a light muscle contraction concentrated within the loop or a few inches outside of the loop space, and we always watch the animal for signs of relaxation.

Part of a Bigger Plan

The goal of PEMF is to optimize the animal’s overall wellness. You put so much time and effort into a balanced diet, finding a trusted trimmer, memorizing hair growth patterns. So, you want all of that effort to pay off and shine through in the pen. Utilizing PEMF may be the addition to your animal’s regimen that ties everything together.

Lanae Kline of Kline Performance Equine-Equine & Bovine Therapy in Indiana shared her story with us:

“I joined the Pulse PEMF Equine team in February 2019. I already had an equine massage business that was beginning to branch out into the beef industry, primarily show cattle. I live in an area densely populated with cattle, so it has been a very natural transition for me. Adding PEMF has been instrumental in growing my business. It is appealing to my show cattle clients because it is non-invasive to pre-show preparations and can be effectively performed a week prior or up to the day of the show with optimum results. Investing in a PEMF system through Pulse Equine has been the best business-minded decision I have ever made and I am thrilled to be a part of Pulse Equine!”

One of the main goals of Pulse PEMF Equine is to optimize the animal’s overall wellness. After countless hours of effort in preparing a balanced diet, finding a trusted trimmer, learning hair growth patterns, and everything else that goes with preparing a healthy, show-stopper, it only makes sense to not settle in any other area. Utilizing Pulse PEMF Equine may be the addition to your animal’s regimen that ties everything together.

[3,4,5,9,10,13]To locate the citations referenced above, visit

(Post Photo courtesy of: Kline Performance Equine-Equine & Bovine Therapy)

Why PEMF for Animals?

Download our “Why PEMF?” brochure to learn more about the diverse benefits of this revolutionary wellness modality. Curious about the citations referenced? Visit


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