Pulse Centers and Pulse Equine Brands Unify To Become Pulse PEMF!

If you blinked, you might have missed the last month – and the exciting developments here at Pulse! After months of preparation, Pulse Centers and Pulse Equine have unified to launch a new era in PEMF and wellness: Pulse PEMF.

The Pulse Centers and Pulse Equine brands have been longtime providers of cellular hope to numerous industries and demographics. After years of supplying humans and animals with premium PEMF products and services, it was time to move forward as one entity. Pulse PEMF will now carry the torch to “enhance all life” for humans and animals alike. This unified brand allows us to simplify our efforts in spreading the good news of PEMF to every living thing.

What is changing with Pulse PEMF?

As a pioneer in PEMF, Pulse systems will continue to blaze new trails in the science and application of pulsed electromagnetic fields. The new, unified brand also comes with our modern, user-friendly website and, of course, new email addresses (don’t forget to update your Pulse PEMF contacts’ information). Additionally, you can expect fresh, creative communication and new avenues of education to reveal the proven, awe-inspiring benefits of PEMF.

While the name and website have changed, our reliable technology will continue to produce exceptional results. The life-changing testimonials of our customers keep us motivated and excited. You might say that our focus and vision have never been more sure!

However, as we develop new products and services, our message will not change. Young and old, human and animal, Pulse PEMF enhances all life.

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