Pet Care & PEMF: What To Expect During And After Your Animal’s First Pulsing Session

Pulse PEMF Pet Care and PEMF

Pet care will always be a hot topic! However, we can’t talk about animal wellness without mentioning the incredible benefits of PEMF. If you are reading this blog, you may be one of those modern, innovative owners seeking to understand better how pulsed electromagnetic fields interact with the body. One of the most common questions for those new to PEMF is “What should I expect during and after a session?”

Here are three matters to consider before your animal’s first PEMF experience:

Pet Care & PEMF #1 - Muscle Contractions

During most sessions, you may notice light muscle contractions at a consistent rhythm or “pulse.” These contractions will occur around the loops and may travel the length of the muscle body. However, the pulse should be smooth and not cause discomfort. Pet care with PEMF should be a comforting experience.

Every animal will require a different intensity of Magnetic Field Strength (MFS) with each accessory or location on their body. Therefore, Pulse PEMF machines offer a full-range dial allowing our professionals to make micro-adjustments to the power instead of just a few select settings. Pulse PEMF professionals monitor the animal’s comfort level by interpreting their body language and their muscle’s response to the pulse – then adjust the Magnetic Field Strength as needed in each location on the body.

Pet Care & PEMF #2 - Delayed Results

PEMF is similar to other pet care wellness modalities in terms of results and consistency. After all, cells are in a constant tug-of-war for energy, always regaining and losing their charge. There will always be a need for PEMF energy, even in healthy animals.

While there are instances of an accelerated, beneficial impact with PEMF sessions, that is not always the case. At times, animals will not exhibit immediate or noticeable results. It may take time for the effects to accumulate, especially if the animal has been unwell or compromised for an extended period.

Pet Care & PEMF #3 - Detox

Some report that PEMF may aid the body in detoxification, a natural bodily process to eliminate toxins. Removing toxins from your pet’s internal systems is an important part of maintaining wellness. Detox in animals shouldn’t be overlooked as a part of regular pet care, and may be noticeable with symptoms like:

  • Changes in eating patterns
  • Changes in energy levels
  • Changes in fecal or urine output
  • Dehydration

While PEMF can trigger detoxification, it is possible to support the detox process by pulsing at a low intensity for the last ten minutes of each session. Additionally, Pulse Product Success Specialists recommend a shorter first session with a lighter intensity to allow the body to acclimate. Finally, proper hydration can also help diminish unwanted detoxification symptoms – for humans and animals.


Pulse PEMF is a unique and vibrant experience with many potential benefits. Many owners, trainers, and vets are turning to Pulse as an additional tool in their pet wellness regimen. For the first-timer, it’s helpful to ask the owner as many questions as needed to enjoy the initial session. For the PEMF Professional, open communication, preparation, and setting realistic expectations will help create a positive pulsing experience.

Many animals can benefit from PEMF – for general wellness, and recovery. To learn more about the benefits of PEMF like general relaxation[4,5], increased range of motion,[7,8] and assisting with muscle fatigue,[3] visit our research page

Pulse Pricing Guide

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