I Pulsed My Feet with the Cube for Two Weeks

Recently, Pulse PEMF introduced its newest innovative accessory, the Cube! It provides one square foot of edge-to-edge PEMF saturation with no focal point and endless applications.
The idea of a Focus Accessory without a focal point sparks questions from our owners. Does it feel different, compared to other accessories? What are the benefits of saturating a 1×1 region of the body with PEMF?
I channeled my inner Investigative Journalist and conducted my own research study over two weeks to understand how pulsing my feet with the Cube every day would feel, fit into my schedule, and help me achieve my wellness goals.

General Disclaimers

Pulse devices are wellness devices, meant for general health. Pulsing is an integrative health solution that helps the body’s natural healing abilities. It doesn’t address any illness or ailment!
In addition, I am a Pulse Success Specialist at Pulse PEMF. This is an informal study I conducted on myself for informational purposes only. The results are my own, and this is not a clinical trial.

Ground Rules for My PEMF Study

Let me walk you through the ground rules and basics you should know about the mini research study I conducted.


I alternated between using the Pulse X and the Pulse X1, the ultra-portable and midsized mechanical PEMF devices manufactured by Pulse PEMF. I used only the Cube during my Pulsing sessions so that I could focus on its unique qualities.


Whether using the Pulse X or the Pulse X1, I set the simple one-dial control at its highest setting for an output of 100% Strength and approximately 1 pulse per second. Since the feet are dense, fibrous extremities, they can handle higher Strengths, and I wanted to receive the full benefit of the pulsed electromagnetic field to this region.


I Pulsed my feet in two positions—either pressing my feet into the cushion of the Cube while sitting in a chair or resting my feet on the Cube while laying in bed. I did this for a minimum of 20 minutes each day, mostly at night before bed. However, I occasionally fit a session in during the day.

My Results

The Experience

The first thing I noticed during my Pulsing study is how different the Cube feels from its predecessor accessories. I have been using Pulse machines for almost five years and have grown used to the feeling of a focal point or area the accessory is targeting.

Using an accessory with consistent power across the entire surface was a unique contrast. I instantly saw the difference in experience and potential uses. For example, even in a bony extremity like my feet and ankles, I noticed that the Pulse was penetrating deeper than with other accessories.


The Process

Somehow, I managed to find the time almost every day to Pulse for at least 20 minutes. This experiment made me realize just how busy life is! As a bonus of this Pulsing study, I am more conscious of the need to dial back where possible and set aside more time for self-care.
I was skeptical of whether 20 minutes each day would make a difference in how I felt. While we always recommend longer PEMF sessions, between 60 and 90 minutes, I am happy to report that even just 20 minutes had a noticeable effect. This experiment certainly reinforced that all PEMF is good PEMF!

Here's What Happened!

Throughout my Pulsing study, I began to notice that my feet and ankles were more relaxed, and I wasn’t experiencing the typical fatigue and discomfort from prolonged standing or walking. Even just 20 minutes of PEMF daily provided much-needed support to the cells in my feet and ankles so that they could rest and recover.
The results were especially noticeable first thing in the morning, when I swung my legs out of bed and my feet first touched the ground. Instead of wincing as I usually do, I could place my feet flat on the floor with minimal discomfort.
Optimizing the feet and ankles may not seem miraculous, especially to those of us who seldom stop to reconsider the stress we’re putting on our bodies. But the improvements I saw in my quality of life—even just to the feeling of standing—was well worth the time I took to Pulse.
Pulse PEMF XL Pro chair cube
In conclusion, there are definitely benefits from Pulsing, even for just 20 minutes a day! Whether you own for personal use or use PEMF in your business, don’t forget to carve out time every day for a session.

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