PEMF Detox: Enhance and Support Natural Detoxification by Pulsing


Detoxification is the natural process by which the body cleanses itself of impurities. This prevents toxins from accumulating in the body and impeding its natural functions. Many clients may experience a PEMF detox after their first Pulsing experience as PEMF kickstarts this crucial process at the cellular level.

How does Detox Work?

The detoxification process is carried out primarily by the eliminative organs, which break down and excrete unwanted debris. These include the kidneys, liver, lymph, skin, and the digestive system. In order for these organs to function at their best, it is essential that they are as clean as possible. This can be achieved in many ways, but healthy eating, nutritional support, and exercise are among the key elements. 

The detoxification process also produces some negative symptoms. Some of the most common are below:

  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Skin eruptions
  • Cold sweats
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Foul breath and/or body odors

Some individuals may be prone to stronger reactions, such as detoxification episodes. These individuals typically include:

  • Those with chronic or metabolic health disorders
  • Those who are taking medications
  • Those who eat a high amount of processed foods
  • Those who are exposed to toxic chemicals and heavy metals     

Many Pulsing clients mistakenly try to avoid a PEMF detox because of its unwanted symptoms. However, the detoxification process is vital in overcoming wellness hurdles presented by allowing toxins to remain in the body.

General Detox Support

Hydration is an essential piece of the detoxification process. Pulse PEMFs’ all-in-one nutritional supplement, PulseFuel, can support hydration using humic and fulvic acids to increase water retention and dispel toxins. 

Those who are ill due to toxins use up nutrition more quickly. For this reason, they may also require other supplements. Consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner to learn how to effectively use these remedies.

Epsom salts have infection-fighting properties and can be soaked in to help fight skin infections. Saunas help the body to sweat and release toxins through the skin. Colonics insert water into the bowel to help cleanse the colon, a key eliminative channel that removes waste. Finally, coffee enemas help cleanse the colon and support the optimal functioning of the liver.

PEMF Detox Support

The magnetic field in PEMF travels on the electrical current that already exists in the body. Then, the electrically-based cell membranes respond to the electromagnetic fields of PEMF. As the PEMF stimulates and exercises the cell membrane, it may change the ions on either side of the membrane to trigger the open and close mechanism of the cell, allowing it to release unwanted toxins.

A PEMF detox may consist of the aforementioned symptoms. You can support your clients’ detoxification experience and mitigate unwanted symptoms by doing the following:

  • Make sure clients are hydrated and offer a sample of PulseFuel with a bottled water prior to their session
  • Limit time pulsing the head and core as this can trigger detoxification
  • Use a low-intensity “cooldown” period at the end of every session to support the body through detoxification
  • Schedule a follow-up session to pulse the client on low intensity and assist with any further detoxification concerns
  • Finally, work with a naturopath or nutritional consultant if you are inexperienced in supporting detoxification

In summary, proper detoxification is worth considering for its lasting benefits to your health. In addition, there are many tools that can help support the body through detoxification. Each helps the body to eliminate waste more efficiently and reduce symptoms of detoxification. For support on the cellular level through this process, explore the science behind PEMF.

Why PEMF for Humans?

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