Successful Pulse PEMF Business Sparks a PEMF Revolution

Sean Mayer is the owner of Pulse for Health in Monroe, WA. We interviewed Sean to find out how he integrated Pulse PEMF into a highly successful business!

Why did you get a Pulse PEMF system?

Well, I had an ankle injury and I wanted desperately to improve. I originally bought a system from another PEMF manufacturer but had issues with the company and returned the machine. But I still wanted a PEMF system and found Pulse PEMF through a Ben Greenfield video.
I tried one of your systems and was very impressed, so I bought a Pulse X1. Not only did I love it, but so did all of my family and friends. The other benefit is that none of them had ever heard of PEMF, so I knew there would be very little competition. Based on their responses, I decided to move forward with a PEMF-based business.

What benefits of PEMF have you seen in your practice?

Pulse PEMF has helped in so many ways to help people have a better quality of life. But in terms of enhancing the body’s natural self-healing process, I have seen incredible results.
PEMF Benefits

How do you integrate Pulse into your business?

We have (3) Pulse XL Pros, (2) Pulse X1s, and 2 Pulse Xs. We typically run the XL Pro and X1 systems for in-office sessions and allow customers to rent out the Xs for at-home or on-the-go care.

Has everyone in your office completed the Pulse Training?

I have three assistants who have gone through Pulse’s online training. It’s very effective and highly beneficial. But I also spend extra time with my staff helping them learn how to operate the systems up to my standards.
PEMF Benefits

How important has it become to your practice?

PEMF is approximately 85-90% of our business. We also use Theralight Red Light Bed as a separate modality. Most of our clients use and love the mix of the two.
I also use molecular hydrogen, which they inhale as well. Our clients have experienced tremendous benefits with this mixed approach, rapidly speeding up the natural self-healing process.

How many PEMF clients do you have in a month?

We have grown over the years. We started with just a couple of systems and a few dozen clients in a month to now over 600 PEMF sessions per month. As the demand grew, I bought more systems. This has helped me offer PEMF to as many new clients as possible.
My goal was to help as many people with PEMF as possible. Although I am aware of what PEMF has done for me, I continue to be amazed by the many benefits that our users have experienced.

You are a member of the Pulse Human Advisory Board. What is that like?

I’ve been a member of the Pulse Human Advisory Board since July 2022. The meetings I have participated in are about training topics, marketing strategies, and Pulse’s vision for the future.
I wanted to join to help new professionals avoid the pitfalls I experienced building my practice. I want to help others understand what worked and what they might want to avoid.
My goal is to help others have the success I have had both in this business venture and in helping people who thought they had run out of options to change their health status. I want to educate and show people what PEMF therapy can do. Most people do not know about PEMF, and I want to help create awareness.

How do you engage with the rest of the Pulse Community?

I have had other Pulse professionals come to my office to see the unique way we utilize the systems. Several of these wellness professionals implemented what they learned and are thriving.
But there is no major secret. We use what we learned in the Pulse’s training and add modalities like red light to optimize the benefits.

Is it true that some of your clients drive up to 150 miles to come to you?

Yes, that’s true. There are no PEMF offices to the north of me, so I have some people that drive quite a distance. It is just another indicator of how much people love what we are doing.
PEMF Benefits

How do you draw new clients in and keep them?

My marketing strategy is simple. I provide outstanding Pulse experiences to current clients to get word-of-mouth referrals from each client. I do NO traditional marketing, so word of mouth is the predominant way I generate new clients. This method has worked to perfection in my practice.
Four of my clients have actually gone on to become PEMF professionals and open their own Pulse locations. I am very proud of each of them, and see their development as a small indicator that I have been successful in helping to hone their passion for PEMF. We have maintained contact, and I assist them in any way that I can be of help.

You can follow Pulse for Health on social media or visit their website for more information.

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Want to share your Pulse Professional success story with a Pulse Success Specialist and be featured on If you’re a certified Pulse Professional experiencing amazing results or explosive growth in your practice, we want to feature you. 

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