PBR, Stetson Lawrence, Finds Fountain of Youth with PEMF

The 2018 could not have started any better for Stetson Lawrence. Through the first five PBR rides, Lawrence has had the most 90-Point rides.

A few months later, Lawrence was competing in his 5th consecutive PBR World Finals, with a torn groin. After his 84 point ride on Up and In in Round 1, Lawrence felt even more pain. It turns out Lawrence tore the rest of his groin off his bone.

“I shouldn’t have even went,” Lawrence told PBR.com “But it is the Finals. I knew I could ride that first bull for sure. I was just gambling on that and gambling on how I felt for the rest of the week.” Stetson took a deserved month off after the World Finals to focus on strength and rehab.

Thankfully, Stetson’s injury did not require surgery. Lawrence worked heavily on getting his groin back to 100% with the use of resistance band training. Stetson also exercised his cells with Pulse PEMF technology.

Stetson was quickly back on the circuit doing what he loves best.

Check out Stetson Lawrence on the PBR website here.

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