Nutrition Paired with PEMF: Cracking the Code to Fueling Your Body

Pulse PEMF Cracking the Code

Nutrition is the study of how what we consume affects our bodies with a special regard to the nutrients essential to our health. Since the right nutrients become fuel that the body either thrives or “just survives” on, cracking the code to nutrition may unlock surprising results.

Where does nutrition come from?

Wise food selections are the first and most important way that we supply our bodies with nutrition. Nutritional supplements can be helpful, but they simply cannot and will not make up for a poor diet.

To achieve and maintain health, the body needs a diverse blend of nutrients. These are, in essence, the building blocks of good health. The key nutrients include protein, minerals and trace elements, vitamins, essential fats, food fibers, and water.

Where does it go?

A shortage of any key micronutrients puts the body under a greater amount of stress. This is because each nutrient has certain jobs and tasks it must carry out once in the body. For example, the mineral zinc fuels the activity of over 300 enzymes that aid in key bodily functions including metabolism, nerve function, and digestion. The mineral magnesium, another great example, is involved in over 600 cellular reactions, from making DNA to assisting in muscle contractions

In this way, poor dietary choices lead to nutritional deficiencies and, eventually, potential health problems. Without proper nutrition, we lack the necessary foundation and fuel supply to perform our best.

Cracking the Nutrition Code

According to Dr. William Pawluk, magnetic therapies like PEMF create a lot of motion in the body due to calcium ion movement. Calcium latches onto magnesium as it moves in and out of the cell. “[S]o a magnesium deficiency may undermine the value of the magnetic field.”

PEMF introduces another raw ingredient the body needs—cellular energy. The sheer impact of this additional energy may enable the cells of the body to better disperse and utilize nutrients. Since the benefits of PEMF are cumulative with consistency and a healthy overall wellness regimen, nutrition and PEMF can be a powerful combination.

It’s also been hypothesized that energy transfers more easily into a body that is well-hydrated. In addition, water enhances digestion by breaking down foods and allows the body to better-absorb water soluble nutrients. At a minimum, drink half of your body weight in ounces every day, unless you have a medical limitation to how much liquid you can drink.

Multivitamin supplements with a broad range of nutrients and whole food elements can also help to fill in the gaps. Our very own PulseFuel is an ionic, liquid multi-supplement, designed for optimal bioavailability. Take ½ to 1 oz with a full glass of water before a PEMF session to make the most of your session.For more guidance on providing your body with all the nutrients it requires, connect with a nutritionist! To learn more about what PEMF is and how it works, reach out to our knowledgeable Pulse Success Specialists!

Why PEMF for Humans?

Download our “Why PEMF?” brochure to learn more about the diverse benefits of this revolutionary wellness modality. Curious about the citations referenced? Visit

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