Natural Muscle Recovery: Assisting Muscle Fatigue with PEMF

Whether you are setting out to conquer a forgotten New Years’ Resolution or hoping for better results from your current exercise routine, natural muscle recovery is a process you should understand and embrace for best results. If you haven’t been active in a while, getting back into shape can be a daunting task and one to approach with caution.

Natural Muscle Recovery

Working out regularly is a great habit with tremendous health benefits for your entire body. Positive changes may include weight and fat loss, muscle growth, and improved cardiovascular health. However, the risk of injury is also high as muscles you haven’t used in a while are prone to overstretching and tearing. 

Understanding muscle recovery can help you to interpret and navigate your body’s signals. Further, it may help you reduce the risk of injury and maintain your new exercise regimen. Allowing your body to rest and recover will keep you from missing out on the full benefits of your workout routine.

Typical muscle recovery habits include…

Each time you exert muscles, including the heart and lungs, you are building stamina and becoming healthier. As you get into the habit of exercising a few times per week, scheduling recovery in between workouts will allow you to handle more strenuous routines as your overall fitness visibly improves.

Incorporating PEMF

Just as our bodies can benefit from regular exercise, so can our cells! Think of it this way: when you increase your cardiovascular exercise, the heart and lungs pump more oxygen throughout your body. Then, you begin to build muscle and lose fat. When cellular exercise takes place, a similar process occurs. PEMF energizes the cells and helps the body detoxify, thereby bringing new nutrients and oxygen into the mix.

PEMF supports the cell’s ability to do its job better. For that reason, adding PEMF sessions on a Pulse PEMF machine to your general wellness regimen may encourage the body to enhance its own natural muscle recovery process.

In a recent study, PEMF was shown to assist with muscle fatigue and discomfort after exercise.[3] This benefit makes it an excellent complement to any training program!

Learn More About PEMF

Even with precautions, overuse of muscles can lead to strains or injury. That is why the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends incorporating weekly exercise over the course of several days. We recommend using PEMF similarly! With your physical and cellular exercise routines in place, don’t forget to pay attention to how your body feels and is responding to your regimen. Always consult your licensed healthcare physician with any concerns or issues.

[3,7]To locate the citations referenced here, visit

Why PEMF for Humans?

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