6 Positions That Provide Natural Recovery Support to the Jaw

The jaw plays a crucial role in both speaking and chewing. In addition, the jaw holds the teeth in place and is crucially connected to the neck. When a client would like to focus on the jaw region, pulsing the pathway is one way to provide energy to all of the connective areas. By taking a holistic approach, you will be able to provide comprehensive natural jaw support.

Anatomy of the Jaw

The jawbone is comprised of two bones—the maxilla and the mandible. The stationary maxilla holds and supports the upper teeth. The mobile mandible holds the lower teeth in place and plays a vital role in chewing and talking. PEMF can provide natural jaw support by introducing energy at the cellular level to help the body function more efficiently.

Positions for Natural Jaw Support

1. Princess Leia

Focusing the crosshairs of the threading above the ears, sandwich the head between the Dual 10” Paddles. Then, hold the tails tightly for compression and maximum contact with the magnetic field. You may have to adjust the velcro at the top of the Paddles for best conformity to the head and face. This position encompasses the jaw region and the side of the head. Using the Paddles in this way, with the smooth, blue sides facing the same direction, creates a push-pull effect.

2.Double-Stacked Rings on the Side of the Face

The next position employs the Dual 6” Rings, which are more powerful. Simply stack the Rings and place them on one side of the jaw and face at a time. Remember to place the actual Ring on any hotspots as the empty center of the Ring is a “dead zone.” All of the power of this accessory is in the coils of the ring itself!

3. Square Pad on the Neck

Next, position the Square Pad behind the head while the client is sitting or lying down. Then, rotate the head to the left and right, allowing the magnetic field direct contact with each side of the head. This is a comfortable way to pulse the head and jaw. Micromovements will allow for comprehensive coverage in this position.

4. Double-Stacked Rings on the Back of the Jaw

Using the Dual 6” Rings to pulse the back of the jaw is a great way to capture this often-ignored region near the wisdom teeth. Some clients may have sensitivity in this area, so be cautious when setting the intensity.

5. Split Rings on the Face

If you have limited time and want to pulse the entire region of the jaw, this is a wonderful position to utilize. Split the Dual Rings across the face with the smooth, blue sides facing one direction to create a push-pull effect. Align the rings with the curve of the jawbone for maximum contact.

6.Stacked Paddles on the Face

Finally, stack the Dual 10” Paddles and make micro movements to target the upper jaw and front of the face.

Remember that PEMF is just one tool to support overall wellness. Just as the body needs proper nutrition and hydration, the cells require energy to perform their best. If you have any questions regarding how to make the best use of your PEMF system, reach out to our knowledgeable Pulse Success Specialists at support@pulsepemf.com.

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