The Advantages of Adding Pulse PEMF wellness devices to a Natural Health Practice

Dr. Patti Bartsch operates a wildly successful Naturopathic wellness practice in Onalaska, Wisconsin. We interviewed her to find out how she integrated Pulse PEMF at Naturally Unbridled and how she helps others achieve explosive success! 

What led you to add Pulse PEMF to your Natural Health Practice?

I started investigating new modalities when I realized I needed to transition from a business model that required independent contractors to one that provided passive services. I inquired about passive modalities in a practitioner Facebook group. There, some practitioners privately messaged me telling me that I needed to check out pulsed electromagnetic fields – Pulse – and specifically the XL-Pro.

I went to the website and spent three hours on YouTube watching success story videos, and I knew this was the best next step for me. I ordered my first PEMF device, the XL-Pro system without ever receiving a demo.

Is Pulse a central part of your business?

At least 20% of my revenue comes from PEMF appointments. Also, PEMF clients purchase add-on services, various supplements, and wellness products, so it’s a lucrative profit center in my practice.

Many clients who come to experience PEMF technology don’t even meet with me for wellness consultations. They just come from word-of-mouth recommendations and a minimal amount of Facebook advertising. We inspire people to try it with an irresistible introductory offer and invite them into a multi-session package once they have had three sessions.

What benefits have you seen from PEMF?

I want to share about my older parents’ experience, to start. They lived with many of the general aches and pains that older adults experience as their body’s natural recovery processes slow down. However, they don’t live near me. So, I decided to start sending them to an office that provides PEMF near them to address their wellness at the cellular level.

They loved it and noticed less discomfort, natural energy, better mental clarity, and improved moods. They were thrilled to have access to this technology. It provided significant benefits for them, but then the COVID shutdowns struck. They weren’t able to get their pulsing sessions in, and their quality of life started regressing. I noticed my mother started repeating herself, which she hadn’t done while she was pulsing regularly.

At that point, I just decided to purchase a home system for them. Now they have their Pulse X portable PEMF system to use anytime in the comfort of their home. In fact, they both pulse twice a day, as often as possible! According to my father, they are even nicer to each other because they feel  better. I’m thrilled that I could provide for them in that way, and they are certainly reaping the benefits. My husband and I also have a home XL-Pro system to enjoy the personal benefits of Pulse PEMF whenever we want.

In my practice, we have seen many benefits, which you can see in our numerous video testimonials on our website.

How many systems do you have in your office?

We have three XL Pros, one EQ-XX, and two portable Pulse Xs that we use as rentals in our business.

How many of your employees are trained on Pulse?

All my employees, even my receptionist, have completed the Pulse training program. To us, it is essential to ensure they have the skills to be effective PEMF operators. Ensuring that our clients receive full body benefits of PEMF is crucial to our practice’s success. So, I actually require that every employee complete the entire Pulse PEMF training program.

When we first started offering PEMF, we also sought the counsel of the Pulse Success Team on positions and setting ranges for new clients. We immediately saw dramatic benefits with our clients, and they were eager to return for additional sessions.
Their assistance helped me to build my PEMF knowledge and skills very quickly. These successes also enabled me to develop a thriving PEMF business, for which I am grateful as I expect to reap the rewards for a long time.

Can you share some of the vital components of your phenomenal business training program?

Absolutely! I created a plan for my own business that set me up for success, so I have made that plan available to everyone with a wellness practice that wants to build their PEMF practice rapidly. I refer to it as the PULSE Platinum Success System

wellness devices

The program has four main segments.

  1. Pulse Success Checklist
  2. Irresistible Intro Offer
  3. Lucrative Launch Plan
  4. Magnet-ifying Momentum

Every module has key step-by-step components and a downloadable guidebook with hyperlinked resources to customize and brand as your own. The program includes documents, checklists, scripts, templates, and videos designed to help you build your practice and educate your clients to become what I call “practice evangelists.” 

These modules help turn your prospects into long-term PEMF clients and referral machines. Professionals who have invested in this program will tell you that as long as you follow the recipe, you will have great success.

Brand new PEMF Professionals have consistently had $8,000 to $10,000 initial launches. They frequently invest in additional machines to keep up with demand. Many have used my system to launch or re-launch PEMF in their practice with tremendous success. We did a re-launch after the Covid shutdown to about $26,000 in one month, proving the system really works!

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