Low Maintenance PEMF: Fitting Machine Maintenance into Your Business Plan

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When building a business plan on your own, it’s easy to forget the essentials. Equipment maintenance is among the most commonly overlooked considerations, but Pulse’s low maintenance PEMF systems make it an easy process.

Pulse’s machines built for animal professionals fit into the category of “mechanical devices.” This simply means that there are moving pieces within the casing that will require scheduled maintenance across the life of the machine.

Lifespan of Low Maintenance PEMF

Since different accessories use different levels of power and Magnetic Field Strength will vary from session to session, maintenance falls in a broad range of machine hours, typically 800 to 1500. Human sessions may require more frequent maintenance due to humans’ intensity needs and the power required by Pulse’s Human Accessories.

With proper care and maintenance, Pulse machines are capable of lifespans similar to reliable vehicles. While pieces and parts will require servicing or replacement over time, the process is easily manageable! Pulse makes that process even easier with domestic fulfillment for North American customers. All production and repair occurs in-house at our manufacturing facilities in Cartersville, Georgia. The cost of shipping the machine to Pulse for maintenance varies by customer location.

Plan On It!

When you start a business, any interruption or expense you didn’t plan for will be a frustrating one. The business plan of a PEMF Professional must include budgeting and scheduling for regular maintenance.

Our Pulse Professionals plan for these interruptions in creative ways! Some rent a machine from Pulse or borrow a machine from a fellow professional during maintenance. Planning vacation time around scheduled maintenance allows professionals to convert these interruptions to personal time. Many eventually purchase additional machines that they rent to clients and use as understudies for their primary machines during maintenance.

Signs It's Time for Maintenance

Pulse machines don’t feature intimidating “check engine lights” indicating the need for cleaning or maintenance. Instead, there are a few simple performance indicators you should look for!

  • Having to turn the dial more than usual to reach the same intensity
  • Difficulty turning the dial
  • Less consistency in the pulse

Low Maintenance to NO Maintenance

Thanks to Pulse’s innovation of a solid state system, low maintenance isn’t the only option. The powerful Pulse XL Pro has no moving parts and therefore requires no regularly scheduled maintenance. Although it isn’t housed in the same Pelican case as the Animal-focused Spark Gap units, it is perfectly suitable for use with animals with additional care to clean and protect it.

Our in-house team of Warranty and Repair representatives dedicate themselves to timely, responsive service. They understand that owners rely on their Pulse machines for income, performance maintenance, and recovery support. If that type of support appeals to you as a current or aspiring business owner, take the leap and reach out to us today!

Pulse Pricing Guide

Do you know which machine and accessories are right for you? Download our free Pricing Guide to get details, specs, and comparison charts to help you pick the perfect Pulse PEMF system for your goals and budget.

An image of Pulse PEMF machines


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