Low Energy: Everyday Stressors That Zap Your Body’s Power Supply

You may have experienced the phenomenon of jet lag coming off of a plane, wiped energy after a leisurely walk through the city, or drowsiness after a hot shower. These simple but dominant everyday stressors impact our bodies, resulting in low energy.

“An electron is a stable subatomic particle with a charge of negative electricity, found in all atoms and acting as the primary carrier of electricity in solids.” –Oxford Dictionary of English, 2010

Natural Sources of Energy

Walking barefoot on the earth amongst nature with clean, fresh air is one way to introduce a natural flow of energy into the body. Drinking fresh spring water also accomplishes this. 

However, where cellphone towers and radio signals abound, they disrupt the natural energy flow. Our bodies need and are designed to draw an electrical charge from this flow. Thus, as more areas become overwhelmed with electrosmog, it becomes increasingly rare to find natural energy oases from which the body can replenish itself.

Everyday Stressors

Electrons govern how our bodies create electricity for energy. Just as certain forms of energy power electrical devices, our bodies power themselves with chemical energy from atomic and molecular reactions. We produce energy from the food we eat and water we drink. Hot baths full of toxins or unfiltered water can introduce toxins to the body that may cause cellular stress. 

Traveling by plane, furthest away from the natural resonance of the earth and surrounded by electronic devices, doubles energy depletion. This often causes the familiar jet-lag feeling. Walking through a city breathing polluted air also strips away our cell metabolism.

Solutions to Low Energy

These everyday stressors drain our electrons, decrease our cellular wellness, and result in low energy. However, it is possible to replenish our electrons and the energy lost with a proper diet, hydration, exercise, and rest. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields or “PEMF” introduces a natural energy supplement to the body. This process supports the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate. Pulse PEMF offers professional-grade systems like the Pulse XL Pro and a variety of accessories for full-body energizing. 

When everyday stressors weigh on you, look for ways to ground yourself and restore electrons, hydration, and nutrients. Be cognizant of the toxins and stressors that affect your body. Then, try to spend more time in environments abundant in negative ions that will recharge your body naturally.

What is PEMF?

Why stop here? Dive deeper into the incredible science behind this revolutionary wellness modality that is now trusted by thousands of doctors, athletes, and practitioners around the world.


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