Kentucky Three-Day Event After Glow

Kentucky Three-Day Event After Glow

The Pulse PEMF team traveled to Lexington, KY for the Kentucky Three-Day Event April 25th-28th, 2024. K3D is the United State’s chance to host one of the worlds top equestrian events. The event poses a unique challenge to riders and horses alike as they are required to compete in three different disciplines in three days. Dressage tests their precision and harmony. While cross country requires endurance on the second day. Finally, horse and rider compete in a showjumping round where accuracy, speed and agility are put to the test. 


In addition to the Kentucky Three-Day Event, the show hosts the Kentucky Invitational Welcome Grand Prix Friday night and the $225,000 Kentucky Invitational Grand Prix on Saturday night. The Friday night event acts as a qualifier for the Saturday night class. Margie Engle, Pulse PEMF’s sponsored rider competed in both events and had impressive rides in each. 

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The Pulse PEMF team hosted a stellar booth located on The Hill at the Kentucky Horse Park to share with attendees the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic therapy. PEMF offers humans, horses, and other animals support during the natural healing process through cellular exercise. Cells are like batteries and PEMF acts on the mitochondria within cells causing them to respire more. A higher respiration rate produces more ATP which gives the cell more energy to do its specified job within the body. The booth was packed all weekend sharing PEMF with attendees, 50 dogs, and even a mini pony stopped by to experience it too! 

Kentucky Three-Day Event After Glow

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