Havana Syndrome Panic and How EMFs Differ from Beneficial PEMF

You may have noticed the term “pulsed electromagnetic fields” in the news recently in relation to the ongoing investigation of Havana syndrome, the mysterious symptoms afflicting dozens of U.S. personnel. Scientists are raising microwaves, a frequency band in the broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, as a suspect.

Panic Over Havana Syndrome

From reports in Cuba to recent experiences buzzing from the White House, Havana syndrome symptoms include headaches, dizziness, cognitive difficulties, tinnitus, vertigo, and issues with vision, hearing, and balance. Many officials suffered symptoms years after reporting an incident, while some have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries.

The microwaves implicated by Havana Syndrome reports as alleged weapons or triggers for clandestine surveillance should not be confused with your PEMF. The primary differences between harmful and beneficial EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are exposure time, wavelength, and frequency.

We are electromagnetic beings, and our bodies respond to external electromagnetic frequencies in a variety of ways that can be either beneficial or harmful

The Broad Electromagnetic Spectrum

Devices intended for therapeutic PEMF magnetic field applications are firmly in the extremely low-frequency (ELF) range, at the lowest end of the spectrum. The goal of PEMF is to produce a pulsed magnetic field that is supportive of the body’s natural functions, producing long (about the size of a building) wavelengths and low frequencies. Microwaves, by contrast, are about the size of a honey bee and carry concentrated energy.
  • Radio (RF) waves are the lowest-frequency waves in the EM spectrum. There are subsets, but 3 Hz and 300GHz are still referred to as RF waves
  • Microwaves (MW) are the second-lowest frequency waves and are considered a subset of RF including UHF (Ultra High Frequency) to EHF (Extremely High Frequency) –the higher RF frequencies between 300 Mhz to 300 GHz. Gigahertz=one billion cycles per second.
Havana syndrome

Beyond the mainstream media headlines, there is a growing concern that widespread use of digital media and near-constant exposure to wireless devices may have a long term effect on biological organisms. A small percentage of the population experience something called EHS, electrohypersensitivity syndrome. These individuals may be so sensitive they cannot acclimate to the neurological disruptions of EMFs in their own home or office.

The preponderance of these invisible high frequencies that slowly stress our systems and the threat of more dramatic weaponization is all the more reason to recharge, reset, and refuel your body with beneficial PEMF.


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What is PEMF?

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