Free PEMF Training & Support with the Purchase of a Pulse System

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One of the greatest benefits of being a Pulse owner is having access to our free PEMF training and the unlimited support of the Pulse Success Specialist Team. Both of these incredible benefits come complementary with the purchase of your Pulse machine.

At Pulse, we see training as a crucial element to the success of our technology. Training ensures optimal benefits and protection of the life of the system itself. Since not everyone can visit us in Georgia, we can bring the training to you!

Free PEMF Training Available Online

In order to set our customers up for success, we created a simple, yet thorough, virtual training opportunity. Our Pulse Success Specialist team, top Pulse Professionals, knowledgeable advisors, and other teams have collaborated to bring you this complimentary program. Our owners can now access this trove of information from the comfort of their own home, office, car, or barn! The modules include: 

  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions
  • Principles and best practices for success
  • Detailed videos on our full catalog of accessory positions and how they can be most effectively applied
  • Instruction on correct magnetic field direction
  • Customization of settings for optimal user experiences
  • Video libraries, downloadable content, and more!

Despite the wealth of information we’ve compiled, new and experienced owners alike may still walk away with questions. In fact, the breadth of discussion topics may spark questions you’ve never even thought about! That’s where our knowledgeable Pulse Success Specialist team comes in.

Free PEMF Training Available Online

The purchase of a PEMF system from Pulse unlocks access to our team of experts. The Pulse Success Specialist team add an interactive and vital element to our training program, available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm ET. Each of these team members, with their unique industry knowledge, is available via phone, email, or chat to answer your questions and concerns. When choosing a wellness modality to invest in for your clients, the peace of mind this level of support offers should factor into your decision

As bonus for owners who complete our free PEMF training, Pulse maintains a Private Facebook group for Pulse Professionals from around the U.S. This community provides yet another lifeline of like-minded wellness advocates. If that’s not enough, our free training also gives Pulse Professionals the opportunity to be featured on the Locator Map on our website, making it easier for local prospects to find YOU.
With a free PEMF training program, resources galore, and access to our team of experts, Pulse continues to raise the bar. However, the benefits of joining the Pulse family don’t stop there. When you’re ready, let us know how we can help you reach your personal and professional wellness goals!

Why PEMF for Humans?

Download our “Why PEMF?” brochure to learn more about the diverse benefits of this revolutionary wellness modality. Curious about the citations referenced? Visit

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