Focusing on the Neck

With over 100 muscles, numerous soft tissues, tendons, and ligaments that perform hundreds of actions… what could possibly go wrong? Neck discomfort is one of the most common musculoskeletal issues in the general population. As this crucial region experiences stress and calls attention to its plights, the neck is a prime example of the interconnectedness of the body.

What in the Neck is Going On?

Not surprisingly, poor posture from typing, cell phone use, and sitting at a desk during the workday stresses the neck. Forward head posture eventually increases the weight of the head on the spine by 10 pounds per inch and can have implications in lung capacity, blood flow, and even the gastrointestinal system.

Of course, PEMF is not a treatment or intended for the cure or diagnosis of any type of pain or medical condition. But stress in the neck may inform the use of Pulse Centers accessories to optimize comfort and relaxation during a PEMF session.

Pulsing the Neck

When it comes to PEMF, there are no “magic settings.” In general, lower Pulse Per Second (PPS) settings are energizing and higher PPS settings are relaxing. Magnetic Field Strength (MFS) should be set to the user’s highest comfortable tolerance. Beyond that, Pulse Centers’ incredible line of handcrafted accessories, created with human anatomy in mind, adds another dimension to PEMF session customization.

The crosshairs of the threading on the Square Pad represent the energy focal point. Laying in a supine position helps overcome forward head posture by leveraging gravity. Placing the Square Pad with the crosshairs directly under the base of the neck offers excellent contact with the magnetic field for a relaxing, focused position.

The Square Pad can also be used in combination with the 10” Paddles on a Pulse machine with dual accessory capability, like the Pulse X1 or Pulse XL Pro. For this position, place the crosshairs of the Square Pad near the upper back. Pulsing both the neck and the thoracic spine region simultaneously is a popular combination as it creates a push-pull effect with the magnetic fields.

If you prefer an upright position or don’t have a Contoured Total Body Bed at your disposal, it’s possible to pulse the neck in a seated position. Offset the 10” Paddles, with the blue, smooth side facing the body, so that the Paddle closest to the neck is higher than the one behind it. This position really focuses on the neck and its supportive muscular structures.

Another option is to stack the paddles to pulse the jaw, head, and neck as well as all the connective structures in the area. This can be a comfortable, relaxing position

Remember that the best plan is one that incorporates a variety of positions and settings, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Combining regular PEMF sessions with proper hygiene, a healthy diet, exercise, and a nutritional supplement like PulseFuel may be the game-changer your body needs for overall wellness.

To learn more about how to apply PEMF to the neck, watch our webinar, Focusing on the Neck and Jaw.

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