Continuing Your Education: Building Your Animal Expertise

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Information on health and wellness in the animal world is constantly evolving. New information, studies, and techniques develop almost every year. How can you keep up?
As a Pulse Professional, expanding your knowledge of your clients and the industry is imperative. Continuing your education helps you stay well-informed. It also improves your marketability, which helps your business. There are multiple ways you can take advantage of available opportunities to develop your expertise as an Animal and Pulse Professional.

Topics to Study

You should hone your education around the topics most relevant to your profession. Here are some subjects to consider for animal wellness.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology are essential to animal wellness. Knowing different body parts’ names, locations, and functions makes you more qualified as a subject matter expert. It is also conducive to productive conversations with veterinarians and other wellness professionals.
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Knowing how an animal supports its gaits and movements is helpful when offering your support services. Most issues an animal experiences will have some effect on their movement. Knowing how the issues will affect the animal gives you a better understanding of how PEMF may help.


Knowing standard care and available routes of health and wellness for the animals can be helpful in your new client consultation. This knowledge adds more to your qualifications and instills the client with faith in your ability to help.
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Pulse Professionals should strongly consider taking animal behavior classes. Animals speak through various movements of their body. Understanding that language is crucial for everyone’s safety, and the integrity of your PEMF sessions and business. Keep in mind that there will be a difference in how a dog responds to PEMF versus a horse.

Diseases and Conditions

As a Pulse Professional, knowledge of common diseases and issues is important to have. This will make you an excellent resource when people ask how PEMF can help or support their animal. Many animal issues have a wide variety of factors to consider. It will also assist in your conversation with a vet to determine if an animal is clear to receive PEMF.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)

Researching all you can on PEMF is a staple to your business. You want to know the in’s and out’s of the service you are offering! To learn as much as you can about PEMF:
  • Read books
  • Read biomedical literature like PubMed
  • Join online groups
  • Pulse as much as possible!

Other Therapies and Modalities

PEMF is the foundational biohack! PEMF is impressive on its own but if you combine it with other modalities, the results can be even more impactful. Knowing how to use PEMF and other modalities together is essential to promote the effects of each technology.
Understanding alternative options is also helpful when opening your network. Networking is vital for both your business and working with other professionals.

In-Person Education

Being physically present at an event, lecture, or hands-on class is how some people learn best. If this is a preferred option for gaining information, there are options that allow for that. It is also helpful for those who don’t have reliable internet access or are not tech-savvy.
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Attending conferences that focus on your business is a great way to see industry leaders, new technology, and new methods. You can also attend sessions to develop your networking and business tactics.
Conferences can be expensive due to registration, fees, and other travel/accommodation costs. Still, it is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the new advancements in your field.

In-Person Classes

You can take classes to expand your knowledge on many topics. Check your local learning annexes, colleges/universities, or privately-owned facilities to see what options are available. This research will help you determine if the topics you are interested in are available near you. Be mindful that the price of classes can vary widely.

Expos and Fairs

Expos and fairs are other events that may be available to you. They may have informational courses and live demonstrations that can provide great information in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. These events are generally less expensive than conferences, but fees and travel costs can still accrue quickly.

Other Education Methods

Due to various limitations, in-person learning might not be an option for you. Here are some other methods you can try.
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Online Education

Gaining information online is very convenient for most people. Plenty of universities, colleges, certifications, and classes offer online options for those who cannot attend in person. It’s definitely convenient to learn from the comfort of your home or office.
Some courses are free, and some have a cost, but don’t let that deter you. Always keep in mind how important it is to expand your knowledge and better your business. If you choose wisely, the cost will pay off in the long term.


Another option to keep up with new developments is email newsletters or magazines. Staying current in the how-tos, research, tips, and tricks will help any professional stay relevant. Here are a few newsletters or magazines to consider:
  • Kentucky Equine Research- Equine Nutrition
  • The Pet Gazette- Small Animal Ownership and Health
  • The Horse- General Equine Healthcare
  • Western Livestock Journal- Livestock News

Why Expand Your Knowledge?

When clients are looking for the best services for their animals, they are also looking for the best provider. When displaying your credentials as a Pulse Professional, the Pulse PEMF Certification is excellent as it covers in-depth PEMF education.
You do not always have to have formal education, but experience in the animal world is absolutely vital. Consider these questions carefully, because your client definitely will!
  • What qualifies you to work with that client’s dog, horse, or cow?
  • Do you have hands-on experience or just "book knowledge"?
  • Have you owned a dog or cow before?
  • Have you had experience working with horses?
There are things to consider outside of PEMF contraindications when working with animals. You can put yourself, your client, and your business at risk if you are not prepared and qualified.
As a business owner, taking time to work on your business is essential. Take the time to build your wealth of knowledge and become the best Pulse Professional possible.
There is always new information to learn, and new developments occurring in the wellness industry. Use that to your advantage and expand your reach. In this way, you can be a well-rounded, well-educated professional with a plan for lifelong learning!

Why PEMF for Animals?

Download our “Why PEMF?” brochure to learn more about the diverse benefits of this revolutionary wellness modality. Curious about the citations referenced? Visit

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