20 Things to Do While Pulsing, Besides Taking a Nap or Reading a Book

During a Pulse session, we always encourage rest and relaxation. Taking your Pulse session as an opportunity to relax allows you to pay attention to your body and your experience. So, before we dive in, give yourself permission to do nothing during your session. Learning to simply “be” is good for your mind and body! Let your mind wander, and see what ideas come to you.

Did you know that Einstein’s theory of relativity came to him while he let his mind wander? Imagine what he might have come up with if he had been Pulsing too!

That being said, life is busy. Resting during your session might not be possible, whether you have things to do or simply can’t get into a restful mindset. So, what can you safely or enjoyably do during a Pulse session? We’ve curated a list of suggestions to get you started!

With Electronics

While Pulsing, we recommend keeping all electronic devices at least 6 feet away from your machine and accessories. However, there are still a few electronic-friendly things you can do, from a distance! You may want to invest in a Bluetooth speaker to make these activities easier.

Listen to an audiobook.

Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, choose an audiobook that will not stress you out. Your mind’s ability to engage with stories and immerse in a different world while you are fully relaxed might surprise you!

Listen to music.

Choose a genre to match the goals of your session, whether that’s relaxing, energizing, empowering, or restorative. Consider binaural music to use auditory frequencies in a unique way!

Learn a new language, using audio courses.

Pick a language you’ve always wanted to learn. Then, find an audiobook, podcast, or application that will allow you to listen and learn while you relax. Save this for an energizing session!

Binge-watch a new TV show.

Your PEMF session might be the perfect time to start a new show or catch up on one you’ve been meaning to watch.

Do while pulsing

Without Electronics

Play brain games.

Try brain games like Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, or Sudoku. These games keep your mind fresh and improve focus.


Color in adult coloring books …or children’s coloring books. You don’t even have to stay inside the lines. (We promise we won’t tell anyone!) 

Draw or doodle

Give art therapy a chance by drawing or doodling to tune into and express feelings you might find difficult to put into words. Combine your art-making endeavors with listening to music, and your Pulse session could inspire your next magnum opus. 

Study or complete homework

If you lead a busy life, one way to make sure your Pulsing plan mitigates stress is to get things done during your session. To do this, listen to lectures or watch a Ted Talk that applies to your industry. Work on an assignment or think through a plan of attack for completing that assignment later. However, don’t try this during a relaxation-focused session! 

Journal or try a creative writing exercise.

Similar to art therapy, writing can help you process emotions and release creative energy. If you have writer’s block, trying searching online for writing prompts.

Write out a to-do list

If your mental to-do list is causing you anxiety, use the time to write it out. It may surprise you how much better you’ll feel after putting it all on paper.

Meal plan for the week.

Get out your cookbooks, and browse for inspiration. If you’re able to nail things down, this may carry over into the next idea…

Write out your grocery list

Save yourself time later. Make your grocery list while you’re feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Play an instrument

Music therapy can improve both physical and mental health. If you know how to play an instrument, this may make sense. However, consider if you want to learn or have an instrument laying around you’d like to use to make some noise while you relax.

Write thank-you cards or other personal letters

Make your Pulse session an exercise in gratitude. Writing thank-you cards, personal letters, or even writing out things you’re thankful for will recenter your thoughts in a positive way. 

Quality conversations

Pulse while you spend quality time or chat with a loved one. Do this in-person or put your cellphone at least 6 feet away from the accessory and put your loved one on speakerphone.


Meditation can help to lower stress and improve concentration. If you’ve never tried meditation or find yourself easily distracted, try a meditation prompt.

Do while pulsing

Physical Activities


Stretch your lower back, hamstrings, forearms, neck muscles, hands, and shoulders. Better yet, get creative! Make up a new position that allows you to pulse the area you’re stretching.

Breathing Exercises

A large number of people breathe too shallowly. Here’s how to get the most from your breathing. Take a deep breath through your nose, only using the mouth if your nose is too congested. Then, bring the air down to your belly. You will feel your diaphragm contract, and the abdomen will expand, filling the lungs with air. 


Firmly hold or press an acupressure point to combine the benefits of PEMF and acupressure. You can also use the Pulse session to focus on acupuncture points


Massage the muscles in your hands if you are Pulsing your head. If you are Pulsing your feet, then massage your neck.

Do while pulsing

Always remember that Pulsing should be an enjoyable experience. Whether your goal is relaxing or energizing, PEMF will benefit you. As you review the suggestions in this article, feel free to share your ideas with us on our Facebook page

Why PEMF for Humans?

Download our “Why PEMF?” brochure to learn more about the diverse benefits of this revolutionary wellness modality. Curious about the citations referenced? Visit info.pulsepemf.com/research

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