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Customer service is crucial to Pulse Professionals as it reflects on your business and can set you apart in the market. Excellent service does not end with scheduling a session and showing up on time. Consider these tips to establish and grow your connection with clients and implement a stellar customer service experience.

Come Prepared

Schedule a Consultation

Customer Service

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Customer Service begins at the first point of contact with where and how you attract clients. Did you connect with the client at a trade show? Were they referred to you by another client, or did they see you on Pulse’s Locator Map?

Now that you now have the pleasure of introducing yourself and PEMF to potential clients, schedule a consultation appointment to answer any questions they may have.
Consultations also create a perfect opportunity to get any signed documents, such as ICFs and intake forms, out of the way. You will find that the benefits of collecting these documents in advance are two-fold.
The customer will have time to read the documents thoroughly. In addition, you as the Pulse Professional will have time to review their responses and ask questions to prepare you for the first session.

Know Your Stuff

Customer Service

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Memorize your services, prices, and a brief “elevator pitch” for each. An elevator pitch is just a short description that tells the client everything they need to know to make a decision about your service.
For example, PEMF is a foundational modality that pours bulk energy into the body, empowering every cell to do a better job of self-healing, self-regenerating, and functioning optimally.
Having the service types, price packages, and these brief pitches prepared shows potential clients you are knowledgeable and well-organized. If you cannot remember your prices or articulate your services, that may be a red flag to potential clients that you are inexperienced or don’t spend much time in your business.

Create a Process

In addition, you should formulate a repeatable process for appointments. If you have a facility, this means planning the client experience from entrance to exit.

Are there any additional forms they need to fill out upon arrival? Consider the waiting experience for clients who arrive early. Will they be greeted by calming music? Will you offer magazines they can look at or videos they can watch while they wait? How will they be escorted to the Pulsing station, and how will you as the professional begin the session? Answering these questions will lay a great foundation.

If you travel to provide sessions, prepare a session bag with the essential items. Bring paper copies of any essential paperwork, pens, chargers and portable batteries for electronics, a backup power cord for the Pulse machine, extra velcro, and a reliable power source!
Even if you don’t have your own space to work in, provide the benefit of a simple, repeatable process. This relieves many of the anxieties around new experiences and helps the client know what to expect from you.

Give Your Full Attention

Customer Service

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During the session, your client should have your full attention. As a Pulse Professional, you may find yourself incredibly busy, and you may even be a one-person show! While your phone may be a crucial point of communication with other clients, don’t let phone calls from remote clients distract you from the client you are face-to-face with.

Arrive early to the appointment so that you can start on time. Place your phone on vibrate, silent, or Do Not Disturb, and set an expectation with all clients that you will not answer calls while you are providing a session. Listen to and observe the client you’re working with, especially if it’s an animal, so that you can adjust to their needs. Finally, follow up throughout the session to ensure comfort and a positive overall experience.

Always Follow Up

Customer service doesn’t end at the end of the session. How you follow up is just as important as the services you provide during a session.

Check in with your clients the day after their session to see how their body is utilizing the energy, if they are experiencing any detox symptoms, and how they’re adjusting to the new modality or new session plan. Their responses will allow you to answer any questions or concerns, schedule the next appointment if you haven’t already, and adjust the session plan to what they’re experiencing.

If you have the benefit of working with a CRM or email service, schedule follow-up emails through those platforms. Set up an email campaign that checks in automatically with clients 24 hours after each session and asks them to respond via email or fill out a quick form.

To a customer, following up means showing that you care about their or the animal’s well-being. Even if you are working with a client whose needs are straightforward, don’t underestimate the power of a sincere follow-up.
Customer Service

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Think About Your Deliverables

Many Pulse Professionals offer packages that include multiple sessions or even offer PEMF alongside other services. Memorize these packages and prices just like your standard services, prices, and elevator pitch.

The consultation appointment is the first crucial deliverable and sets the expectation that working with your business is an interactive and flexible process. Consider providing notes and documentation to help the client see how far they’ve come.

You can also record your client’s first experience with Pulse and provide photos and videos that they may wish to share on social media. If you have your own facility, set up an inviting, aesthetically pleasing space that makes clients want to capture the vibe.

Service With A Smile

Customer Service

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Finally, we have all heard the phrase “service with a smile,” but the scope of that cliche is more than just your face. Service with a smile includes a listening ear, an open mind, and a welcoming atmosphere.

PEMF is an integrative modality that works to empower the body’s self-healing and self-regenerating functions in a holistic way rather than focusing on injury or illness. So, don’t neglect the mental, emotional, functional, spiritual, social, and community aspects of your client’s wellness journey in your reach for customer satisfaction.

PEMF Professionals

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