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PEMF Accessories

Pulse PEMF has designed PEMF systems as an integrative health solution that follows a holistic, user-focused approach to both wellness and veterinary care. Our soothing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology supports the body’s natural healing and regulating abilities.

Our XL Pro and X1 systems provide the added benefits of simultaneous dual accessory usage. Using two PEMF accessories at the same time creates a variety of additional options for our users.

Combining Whole Body and Focus Accessories

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One beneficial way to utilize two accessories involves using a Whole Body Accessory and a Focus Accessory. When using the Total Body Bed or Chair Pad, you can easily combine them with the Square Pads or Cube. When time is limited, this allows for a very productive session.
Using two accessories also allows for both full-body PEMF delivery and core (or hotspot) focus at the same time. During a single session, you can use the Focus accessory on multiple targeted locations or areas of concern. At the same time, the Whole Body Accessory is providing head-to-toe PEMF coverage.
A dual accessory PEMF delivery system creates more options and flexibility to meet your needs. This is particularly important when Pulsing a body with energy-deficient cells or someone with limited session time.
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Combining Focus Accessories

You can easily combine Focus accessories to target specific areas of the body and enhance the benefits of PEMF. There are a variety of ways to do this!

Sandwiching Accessories

You can use the Single Focus Square Pad Accessory to sandwich a particular area of the body. The first accessory delivers the magnetic field to one side while the other pulls the magnetic field through the area. The sandwiching effect allows you to aggressively stimulate a hotspot.
pemf accessories
You can also use the Dual-Headed Focus Accessories (Paddles or Rings) combined with a Single Focus Accessory to sandwich an area.
The goal in a Pulsing session is to elicit a dramatic response that enables the body to optimize its natural self-restorative functions. The sandwiching method might be vital to effecting a change in severe, long-standing cases of cellular energy depletion.

Accessory Stacking

You can also stack the Dual-Headed Focus Accessories under a particular area of the body. This will push the full PEMF power of both accessory heads into the area.

Splitting the Effects

In some situations, you may need to split the Focus Accessories into two separate locations. For example:
  • Place the Cube underneath your feet, and sit on the Square Pad
  • Sit on the Square Pad, and place the Cube on your chest
  • Sit on the Square Pad, and sandwich your head between the Paddles
  • Lean against the Square Pad, while sandwiching your knee between the Rings
Keep in mind that splitting the power into separate locations limits the stimulation level. This may not be ideal for those who can handle more intense Pulsing.
Important Reminder: when using both sides of the EQ-XX at the same time, keep the accessories separated by at least 6 inches. This will keep the 2 different magnetic fields from canceling each other out.

Get Creative!

You can easily create a new Accessory position to work on a specific area. For example, imagine that you want to focus on your shoulders or upper back.
  • Lay down with the Square Pad under your upper back. Then, split the Rings or Paddles and place an Accessory head on top of each shoulder. This application creates a push-pull effect.
  • Lay down with the Square Pad under the upper back. Then, double-stack the Paddles and place them on the upper chest or shoulders.
With these options, you can thoroughly saturate the upper back/shoulder region. You are also providing focus to sensitive hot spots and utilizing the push-pull effect.

Are Combination Positions Always the Most Effective?

You are most likely to see benefits from PEMF when the power is in an appropriate range and the Accessories are oriented correctly. However, some Accessory combinations can be a less effective option.
In some situations, the PEMF device’s power will be split between the Accessories in use. Using two Focus Accessories at the same time splits the energy 50/50. Therefore, it is important to note that individual users’ tolerance and comfort levels frequently differ depending on the area of the body. For example, if you use enough power to adequately exercise one area, that power output may over-exercise the other area.
However, as a person becomes more accustomed to PEMF, they may be able to handle more power. As a user builds tolerance to PEMF, using two accessories at the same time may not generate the necessary power in each location to effect the desired change.
Pulse PEMF’s Accessories allow for multiple usage options. These options create many excellent ways to simultaneously deliver energy to the whole body and hotspot areas.

When you purchase a Pulse PEMF machine, you receive free access to our online training program. This program teaches you how to operate your system, along with detailed guidance on how to use our various Accessories.

Once you master the basics, the sky’s the limit!

Pulse Pricing Guide

Do you know which machine and accessories are the perfect fit for you? Download our free Pricing Guide to get details, specs, and comparison charts to help you pick the perfect Pulse PEMF system for your goals and budget.

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