How Pulse Changed My Clinical Nutrition & Wellness Practice

Tapp Francke Ingolia is a clinical nutritionist who operates a very successful Integrative Wellness Center, STANDwellness, in Water Mill, NY. After navigating struggles with chronic Lyme disease through nutrition and holistic modalities, Tapp is thriving and eager to share the knowledge gained through this journey and her extensive education with clients.

About Tapp

Tapp has a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health. She is a Pulse Certified PEMF Professional, a Certified Lyme Specialist, and a DNA Life trained Genomic Counselor. Tapp educates others on a proper nutrition and dietetics, informed health choices and healthy habits, and therapies that enhance their body’s ability to heal itself.
In 2013, Tapp founded STANDwellness, an alternative, holistic wellness center. Here, she focuses on creating wellness regimens to address methylation issues, digestive issues, microbial imbalance, chronic illness, inflammation, and general fatigue.

We interviewed Tapp to find out how she integrated Pulse PEMF into her successful wellness practice.

Why did you add PEMF to your wellness practice?

My goal was to find something that would boost their energy on a cellular level, provide a relaxing and comfortable experience, and help enhance the natural self-healing process.

Why did you choose Pulse PEMF?

I considered several different PEMF systems. While I saw some benefits, other systems all had significant limitations.

However, the first time I experienced Pulse’s products, I was blown away. I was pulsing my shoulder, and while it stimulated and supported that area, I also felt the energy go down to my abdomen, where I had scar tissue from a previous surgery that was bothering me.

My body was pulling the energy to an area of low voltage, where it needed the energy most. I immediately felt the benefits and knew I had found what I was looking for. I bought my first Pulse XL Pro shortly after.

What are the typical benefits you see from using PEMF in your practice?

The most common benefits I see from our clients with PEMF are that they have more energy, less overall discomfort, are more relaxed and have more flexibility, and experience better sleep.
So many clients with long-term wellness challenges were taking a long time to see any significant benefits. When I added PEMF, they were able to notice the advantages about 50 percent faster. By enhancing the body’s natural self-healing process, more clients have hope and a willingness to stay on-track and continue their wellness and clinical nutrition programs.
In addition, my clients love PEMF and feel good after their sessions. Once they experience the benefits, they are eager to get their Pulsing time in and come over and over again.

How have you utilized Pulse training program?

We insist that everyone on our staff that operates a PEMF system must complete the entire Pulse training program. It is essential to their learning how to use the system successfully. Plus, we can call and ask to speak to a Pulse Success Specialist if we have additional questions. Having that additional support ensures we get the best guidance for each client.

The great thing is that people tend to rent the systems repeatedly. I don’t have to keep finding new prospects. The in-home availability that the rental systems provide appeals to busier clients and those who need to Pulse a lot to reach their wellness goals. Pulse PEMF’s systems are very popular with my clients and have been highly profitable.

What else are you working on at this time?

In addition to serving my clients and operating STANDwellness, I am creating important educational content on Instagram. Follow me and visit my website to stay connected and enjoy our downloads.

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