Choosing The Best Pulse PEMF Accessory For Pets

From dogs and cats to reptiles and exotics, we love our animal companions, and we want to take good care of them.
The benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field are not just for humans. Both humans and animals alike can experience a wide range of benefits from PEMF therapy.
Pulse PEMF produces a wide range of accessories for Pulsing pets. With so many options available, how do you choose the right accessories for your furry friend?

The Pulsing Session

Two significant components of a human Pulsing session include the use of a full-body accessory and a focused accessory. This also applies when Pulsing animals of any kind. However, animals are much more sensitive to PEMF than we are.
With this in mind, Pulse developed the Pet Pads and the Animal Loops to provide a comfortable yet effective experience. No matter the size of your animal companion, Pulse’s line of accessories will cater to their size and unique PEMF needs.
If your introduction to PEMF technology was for human use, don’t worry. All Pulse accessories can be used with any of our innovative PEMF machines. So, whether you have a blue or yellow box, you can still take advantage of using PEMF for your pets.
Best Accessories

Pet Pads

With edge to edge magnetic field delivery, the Pet Pad introduces a comfortable, evenly distributed PEMF experience. The Pet Pad also features luxury Ultrafabrics and an inch of latex for added durability.
The Pet Pad provides an opportunity for no-stress, easy-to-introduce Pulse sessions for most domestic pets. The Pet Pad can be placed in or under the pet’s bed or inside of a wooden or plastic crate. Do not attempt to Pulse near metal as this creates a loud, pinging sound that can be stressful to the animal.

Small Pet Pad (23" x 22")

The Small size is ideal for most cats. Small dog breeds such Shih Tzus, Dachshunds, Beagles, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are also a great fit.

Medium Pet Pad (26" x 31")

Medium is perfect for medium dog breeds such as Australian Shepards, American Staffordshire and Pit Bull Terriers, Border Collies, and Spaniels. Large-breed cats like Siberians, Norwegian Forests, or Maine Coons also find this size most comfortable.
Smaller dogs and cats may prefer the Medium Pet Pad as it gives them room to stretch out.

Large Pet Pad (48" x 30")

The Large Pet Pad is a favorite among Pulse Professionals due to its versatility. It provides plenty of room to most dogs and cats. It is also a great fit for large dog breeds such as Retrievers, Standard Poodles, Huskies, and even Great Danes.

Custom Sizes

If your pet has a favorite bed or lounges on a particular piece of furniture, consider a custom Pet Pad. Custom sizes may also be useful for Pulse Professionals who operate a mobile business. Whatever your sizing needs, Pulse can create a pad up to 48 inches in width or length.
Image of Pulse PEMF accessories specifically animal loops

Animal Loops

Our most popular animal accessories are the Animal Loops. We have five sizes to choose from, with a wide range of uses. The Small, Medium, and Large Loops are the most popular choice for pets to experience the benefits of PEMF.

Small Loops (6")

The Small Loops work for Whole-Body Pulsing of small pets and focused Pulsing of the extremities on larger pets. Because of their size, they provide the strongest PEMF intensity of all the Loop sizes.

Medium Loops (10")

The Medium Loops are great as a focus tool for medium and large dog breeds. They allow you to cover the hips, shoulders, back, and side. The Medium Loops are the most popular choice for pet usage among owners.

Large Loops (18")

This size can be an alternative for the Pet Pad. At 18″ in diameter, it is the perfect size to cover, surround or place under the pet. This mimics whole body Pulsing by encompassing the pet’s body with PEMF.

XL (28") and XXL Loops (38")

Both of these loops make whole body pulsing a breeze. They are especially useful for large and extra-large dog breeds such as Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds, Anatolian Shepherds. Because of their size, breeds with thick coats like St. Bernards and Newfoundlands will be easier to Pulse.
pemf accessories

Using Human Accessories on Animals

Our line of Animal Accessories are designed to meet the needs of various animal’s sizes and strengths. Animals are naturally more sensitive to PEMF than people are. Our Human Accessory line can be far too intense and over-stimulate an animal when used incorrectly.
If you choose to use a Human accessory on an animal, please get guidance from a Pulse Animal Success Specialist first. Our Animal Specialists can give you guidance on how to correctly Pulse a small animal regardless of the accessory. They can work with you to customize a PEMF session based on your animal’s needs.

Pulse Pricing Guide

Do you know which machine and accessories are right for you and your animals? Download our free Pricing Guide to get details, specs, and comparison charts to help you pick the perfect Pulse PEMF system for your goals and budget.

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