8th Annual Biohacking Conference: Pulse PEMF Recap

Last weekend, the Pulse PEMF team attended The 8th Annual Biohacking Conference, hosted by Dave Asprey and Upgrade Labs in Beverly Hills, California. Our team performed over 550 demos during the 3-day event, welcoming familiar faces and newcomers alike to experience Pulse. 

8th Annual Biohacking Conference

The Biohacking Conference is an immersive 3-day consumer and expert experience. The event attracts wellness seekers from around the globe to see the latest advancements in biohacking and hear from world-leading experts in health, longevity, consciousness, performance and more. This conference is the largest and grandest of its kind, featuring over 100 exhibitors.

Breakout with Dr. Sean Drake

On Saturday of the event, Dr. Sean Drake led a phenomenal breakout session called Understanding Performance with PEMF: How to Accomplish Your Dreams with Biohacking. While performing several demonstrations on Pulse technology, he introduced the key factors and importance of our bodies’ “biohacking dashboards.” Further, Dr. Drake explained how biohacks like Pulse supported him and his wife in their successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

In addition to encouraging attendees of the Biohacking Conference to add Pulse technology to their toolkit, he also shared words of wisdom for the journey. First, pole pole, meaning slowly, slowly. Next, hakuna matata–”It means no worries!” Finally, enjoy the moments and the views

Unique Pulse Experiences

Pulse offered three unique introductory sessions to attendees of the 8th Annual Biohacking Conference. Thus, our two booths, located in the Wilshire Garden, earned the designations “Activation Station” and “The Experience Center.”

The Scan

The Scan, performed at the Activation Station, consisted of a 5-minute guided self-scan. Attendees experienced Pulse’s newest accessory, The Cube, by holding it 1 to 2 inches away from their body at a high intensity and searching for areas more sensitive to the Pulse. 

The penetrative power of the Cube makes finding “hotspots” easy! This exercise illustrated for attendees of the Biohacking Conference the tangibility of the Pulse experience and the body’s intelligence in pooling the energy to areas of low voltage that need it most.

The High-Impact

Upon returning for a second demonstration, attendees were guided to the Experience Center for a high-impact session. This demonstration included applying Pulse at a high intensity directly to the ”hotspots” discovered earlier. Through this demo, attendees experienced a taste of the benefits of PEMF including natural energy, relaxation, and decreases in muscle fatigue and discomfort.

The Full-Body

Finally, attendees could return to the Experience Center for a full-body session on a Whole Body Accessory. During this experience, our team emphasized that, just like exercise, full-body results require getting the whole body involved. Many noted this final relaxing session felt like a massage for their cells!

If you attended the 8th Annual Biohacking Conference but missed out on connecting with Pulse, it’s not too late to reach out.

It's Not Too Late To Connect

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